Something to think about – So how are those New Year #Resolutions going for you?

I sat down at the tail end of December to have a look at areas of my life that could be improved by making some clear cut and effective resolutions.

Then I thought to myself, why?

The presumption is, that there are things wrong with the various elements of our lives that need to be fixed in order to satisfy either ourselves, or the perception of others, about who we are, what we look like, and how we behave.

Here is a list of the some of the usual resolutions that most of us make at New Year…. with a appalling failure rate (around 80%) about 4 to 6 weeks into this annual exercise.

These are not my resolutions (I erased all of mine) but I have taken the liberty of adding some of the reasons why these resolutions might not always be adhered to beyond a token effort.

  1. Lose Weight (anything from 10lbs to 100lbs – usually without a plan)
  2. Do more exercise (flabby to ripped in 3 weeks)
  3. Join the gym so someone will make you do the exercise . (Pay annually to save money and stop going after four gruelling sessions)
  4. Drink less alcohol (only works if you do not have any parties, weddings, break-ups or crisis in the next 12 months)
  5. Quit smoking (see above) (but if it is money you are looking to save!!! definitely one to achieve)
  6. Save £100 a month (damn the electricity bill has gone up again! And £100 a month gone on gym membership!)
  7. Get a new job ( It is tough to move jobs in reality and the average change over time is 3 to 6 months ) Is there really anything wrong with the present job that might be improved with a few small changes.
  8. Get more organised (This might mean that you won’t be able to find anything essential for the next three months but it will look better!)
  9. Spend more time with the extended family. (Great if you get on, but if Christmas dinner was anything to go by, you might want to think about that next year) But if it is to spend more time with your loved ones in your immediate family, well worth making that one work.
  10. Manage stress better. ( see 4,5 and 7 – hell see 1 – 10)

Do yourself a favour (and possibly those around you) and if you are going to make New Year’s Resolutions….. pick just one that is in your opinion, (and possibly your doctor’s), is the most important to your health and well-being, not just for the next twelve months but for a lifetime.

Having decided which resolution you are going to stick to and achieve, make a project plan.

  1. How am going to get this done? (Key question, that should be done sober and not on New Year’s Eve when you might be under the impression you can do anything!)
  2. How long should it take? (Unless you are Superman or Batman, think longer term rather than in a flash!)
  3. What are the steps and timescales I need to put in place to achieve this? (see above)
  4. What do I need to help me achieve this? (Willpower is a good start – see my post on Sunday)
  5. Who do I need to help me achieve this? (This might require a bit of expenditure but make sure they come recommended – there are also lots of free courses available)
  6. How often should I measure my progress? (Rome was not built in a day – weekly is fine but every day can be frustrating)
  7. What rewards can I give myself (non food is a good idea) when I achieve my interim goals?
  8. Keep a journal to record your progress, share it if you feel happy to do so on a blog or with friends. (Remember that all claims that you make will be verified next time you see the person in question!)
  9. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and a great idea, if it is health and fitness related, to take a before photograph and one at various points in your progress, until you reach that vision you have of yourself. (Having a selfie stick helps with this)
  10. Set realistic expectations, that don’t set yourself up for failure, and remember for example that 1lb per week is still 52lbs per year.
  11. That £10 a week saved is £520 a year. (Added to the gym membership saved = £1520 per year!)
  12. That making small changes to the way that you do your job, could lead to a promotion not a complete change of direction. (This should not involve harming your boss)
  13. That setting aside 30 minutes a week to phone family and friends or to send an email makes a huge difference to them and to you. (Keep it civil)
  14. That date night (with your own partner!) once every couple of weeks can sustain a relationship for life.
  15. That taking your children away from the computer video games and taking them to the seaside or countryside every few weeks will do you all good. (Please try to bring them back with you!)
  16. And don’t forget to celebrate the small victories along the way. (Not with alcohol, chocolate or a quick ciggie – as you will be back where you started again this time next year!

One resolution achieved over the next twelve months is worth 10 that fall by the wayside.

I have made one resolution this year – I am going to keep doing what I am already doing, the best way I know how. Not because I am perfect as I am – but because my life is good and I just want more of the same.



57 thoughts on “Something to think about – So how are those New Year #Resolutions going for you?

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  2. Yes, a lot of people make New Year resolutions after the excesses of the Christmas season. Perhaps they join a health club. Then, invariably, by the 21st January, they stop going. That doesn’t mean that someone should not focus on their health. Every day is a time for that. However, the rate of success may not be so good. Take a lesson from nature. We do our planting in the Spring, not in the winter. Think of Spring cleaning. The same applies for doing cleanses. Winter is a time for hibernation. Spring is a time for new ideas and new beginnings.

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  3. The first little meme cracked me up, Sally. I like number 8 on the resolutions list – get organized. I live in a house without closets, so organization is key and I don’t seem to manage it well. Love your steps! Maybe this year is the year! 😀

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  4. Mine’s a bit like Carol’s – stop feeling I should be achieving this, the other or the next thing and beating myself up about everything not done. When I’m dead and gone the world will continue turning whether or not I did all I wanted to do.

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  6. Well, I did set an extra goal for this year: To become fluent enough in Spanish to be more useful at our local rescue’s free veterinary clinics. Wish me luck. (I did have to upgrade my teaching aid from cassette tapes — at least they weren’t 8-track — to cd’s.). When you come up with an effective “non-food” reward, Sally, please let me know. 😊


    • Good for you Mary… I had to learn when we went to live in Madrid… my husband introduced me to Michel Thomas..wonderful.. I have his Italian lessons on my computer, and you have reminded me that I would enjoy that. Not that we are going to live in Italy (who knows) but because my husband says I speak Spanish with an Italian accent….. and when I find that secret reward will let you know ♥


  7. This post brought a smile to my face. So Many People Plan on Resolutions, and I can’t figure out why, because by January 10, they’re forgotten. I gave up on resolutions long ago – I gave up trying to think of January 1 as a “new year,” also. My 7-year-old grandson asked me at the end of December why everyone would think that things will/should change because of one little day, from December 31 to January 1. He’s wise beyond his y(ears) (he listens to every adult conversation he can get away with). I like the way you describe it in pink – I love the way I’m living my life, making mistakes at times, yes, but trying my best to be a good person/wife/mom/grandmom/sister/daughter/writer and enjoying every second. Big hug to you, Sally.

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  8. My last traditional resolution was to stay clean, now I’m clean and sober. Clean for almost a decade and quit drinking heavily almost 9 years ago (socially occasionally until I had what felt like a legit allergic reaction and I’ve had nothing but bad reactions for the past 5 years to every type of alcohol so it’s just not worth the pain, trouble breathing and all the other side effects)
    This year, I set several as goals for this year. The one vice I have left (outside of coffee and I’m NOT giving that up) is cigarettes. I need to quit because I’m trying to get totally healthy. I’m just too old now to continue smoking.

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    • Well done, it is very tough at certain times in my life I have certainly used alcohol as a buffer. I smoked 20 a day until I was 39 and gave it up and it was not easy as I was also battling sugars and weight. But I am 66 now and I probably would not be here if I had not given the cigarettes up. Keep it up and think of a few months down the line when you open your wardrobe and it does not smell like an ashtray and you can run up the stairs…

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