Carol Taylor is passionate about animal welfare sustainable fish sources and health… one of her subjects that is gaining a lot of attention is her series on waste food and conservation. In this post she combines animal welfare.. waste and conservation…Sharks may engender fear in us as swimmers but attacks are very small in comparison to many of life’s hazards, usually man-made. Unfortunately humans do far more harm to sharks. #recommended.

Retired? No one told me!

sharks eco system endangered

I am sure we have all seen the films, news and headlines over the years…Shark Attack!

Very scary and at certain times of the year more prevalent:-

Chris Lowe, the director of the Long Beach State University Shark Lab in California, said in a statement that shark attacks on humans were “exceedingly rare considering the number of people who use southern California waters, but people do need to be aware that the fall season is a time when more large juvenile and adult white sharks may be moving along the coast.”

Taken in context though we wouldn’t walk into a Lions Den and there have been cases where even cows have surrounded a person and crushed them to death…Because you had entered their field.

Why have I chosen to blog on The Shark??

A headline on Facebook posted by my granddaughter… Caught my eye so I googled it…

Shark Finning!


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