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Historical romance author Shehanne Moore has recently been through an exciting publishing transition that is proving to be very successful. Here is the start of an interview with author Pam Lazos of both Shehanne and her author and playwright husband John Quiqly. Not only entertaining but also a fascinating look at starting your own publishing company and taking back complete control of your writing. Follow the link at the end and enjoy. Thanks Sally P.S. please take some nuts and other snacks… for the Dudes.


Meet the Mr. and the Mrs. –an interview with Pam Lazos, lawyer, author and environmentalist.

Meet the Mr. and the Mrs. –an interview with Pam Lazos, lawyer, author and environmentalist.

PAM – Unless you’re in Hollywood, it’s not often that you come across a husband and wife who both make their living in the arts.  My dear friend Shehanne Moore, a/k/a Lady Shey because of her work in writing historical romance, and her husband John Quigly, a/k/a the Mr., which is how the Lady refers to him, both have a passion for creating.  For years, Shey labored under a publisher, putting out title after title, only to be told that several of her books had shelf-lives and were soon going to be out of print.  So what did this Scottish-born lassie do?  Not acquiesce, I can tell you that. 

Rather than tow the antagonistic and inhospitable line, she did what any self-respecting woman would do?  (Well, maybe not any woman, but as you will note from her writing and her blog, Lady Shey is not just “any” woman.)  She pulled her books and started her own publishing company, Black Wolf Books.  If that sounds drastic and out-on-a-limb crazy, or even the stuff of fiction, well, it’s something all of Shey’s heroines have in common, a sharp mind, more than a bit of the sass and the ability to turn circumstances to their advantage at a moment’s notice.

Then there’s the Mister, a playwright and director who producers several plays a year.

I had a few questions for Shey and the Mr. which they were happy to answer.

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