Healthy Eating…How to shift those Christmas Kilos…

Carol Taylor with some wise words about shifting weight healthily and she will be sharing some cook from scratch Thai and Indian food in coming weeks that will satisfy your taste buds and help you shift your spare tyre… I am sure it will be delicious. Carol will also on Smorgasbord every two weeks with her food column to make sure you never got hungry.

Retired? No one told me!

Well, January is nearly over and I think by now most of you will have finished those boxes and tins of chocolates or maybe you have been really good and given them away??

Who am I kidding?? Who does that???

Who’s waistband is feeling a little snug?

So now you have enjoyed that awesome Christmas dinner …Just to recap what was your favourite part…I just love bread sauce and stuffing with cranberry sauce and the Christmas pudding and cream…After eight mints you know the ones with the little hard pieces of crunch in them? Or the peppermint creams…

But I have now finished the red cabbage we have had a little portion with our meals since Christmas…

But it is now time to get real once again…Christmas just knocked me off my little healthy eating path..a few potholes…

car on road potholesWe can do it can’t we???

Normally I am fine…I walk every day or 6…

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