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Our starlings give us so much pleasure right through the year as they balance on the bird feeder and avail themselves of the olympic size swimming pool I bought for them (1 metre square seed trady). Mary Smith shares the magic of the murmuration of starlings each night before they roost. Please head over to the post to enjoy all the photos and Mary’s descriptions.. thanks Sally

This winter we have been privileged to watch a spectacular display of starlings over the town of Castle Douglas in south west Scotland every evening. Thousands of birds mass in the sky to perform the most breath-taking aerial ballet.

dsc01225 (custom)

dsc01222 (custom)

It seems starlings do this for several reasons. Grouping together offers safety in numbers as predators such as peregrine falcons are less able to target one bird to grab for dinner in the middle of thousands swooping and swerving. They gather to keep warm at night and they exchange information about good feeding sites.

At some point the decision is made and communicated to the entire murmuration and they swoop down to their chosen roost. It’s like a black waterfall pouring out of the darkening sky. Once settled the racket they make as they chitter chatter amongst themselves is astonishing.


via MarySmith’sPlace – #Murmuration

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