Week 5…In my kitchen…I killed my sourdough starter…

Time to catch up with Carol Taylor’s kitchen where she unfortunately killed her sourdough starter….oops… but has shared the lovely creamy Massaman chicken curry, a vegatarian lentil dish and an alternative to full fat cream made with coconut milk.. lunch sorted then….

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to my kitchen already one month has gone and we are in February…I still haven’t tackled that cupboard as I have been sorting out bookshelves and moving them.

My sourdough starter which was on day 7 has died I think because it was lively and I put it in the fridge overnight it was not strong enough ( Celia did warn me)…I killed it!

Today I started again…Take 2…Day 1… Still, it gives my proving basket time to arrive my bargain of the week at half the price Amazon charged and the same make…

Our chicken dish this week was another Thai curry this time a Massaman Curry…

Thai massaman is a rich, creamy fairly mild Thai curry sometimes tomatoes are added and traditionally cashews but can be optional. Vegetables are also varied depending on what is available or in season… play with the flavours. some variations add…

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3 thoughts on “Week 5…In my kitchen…I killed my sourdough starter…

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Sally…I am dreaming of a slice of sourdough having been disappointed and falling at the last hurdle…haha…If at first you don’t succeed try and try again isn’t that correct my dad always said that so it must be 🙂 xxx

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