Night Musings With Grannie… Eunice Gardiner.

This is a stunning post from Rowena of Beyond the Flow and is the story of her grandmother, world renowned concert pianist who managed to also be a wonderful mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Combining a successful career with raising a family.  Here is a short excerpt and I know you will enjoy the rest of the post if you follow the link at the end.. thanks Sally

Night Musings With Grannie… Eunice Gardiner.

For all of us, there is this strange other world our parents, grandparents and even siblings inhabited before we came along. Yet, while we know world history was going on before we were born and stuck our proverbial tail in the donkey, it can be harder to grasp that the people closest to us had a life before we came along. Sometimes, the threads from these experiences are woven into wonderful stories told time and time again, which become part of our family fabric. On the other hand, these experiences can be thrown right to the very back of the cupboard and either not mentioned or strictly guarded and kept locked away behind closed doors.

Pix Eunice TV Screen Test


This all becomes rather more complicated when your relative had a public life. That you might’ve known them in private within that personal and family sense, but there was also this other public self. Perhaps, you stepped into this world now and then, or even belonged in it yourself. Or, perhaps it was a chapter which closed long before you came along and you don’t even know where to begin. Where is the magical red thread to guide you into that other world? The crumbs scattered along the footpath?

Pix Eunice playing piano at Academy

My grandmother Eunice Gardiner was an International concert pianist, music critic and professor of the piano at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Yet, she also had seven children, twelve grandchildren and nine Great Grandchildren, including two of my own. This very same person who played the piano for the Queen and was dubbed “Melba of the Piano”, also knitted little jackets for each of her babies and at least sewed some of their clothes. She made the Sunday roast and was renowned for making custard. She was mother by day, concert pianist by night. She spent a year touring USA and Canada leaving her husband and three children at home. This is an intriguing web. A complex woman who was well before her time.


Please head over and enjoy the rest of this post.

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3 thoughts on “Night Musings With Grannie… Eunice Gardiner.

  1. Thank you very much for the shout out, Sally. Much appreciated. I hope this piece generates a bit of conversation about pursuing a career in the arts and performing arts as well as the delights and difficulties of combing talent and drive with personal relationships and family. It’s na discussion I feel needs to be had so people can lead a full and ideally rounded life and feel it is possible to have your cake and eat it too at least to some extent.
    Best wishes,


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