You are the author of your life, what will YOU make it about?

Carol Taylor shares her childhood bouncing between grandparents, farms and piano lessons and climbing trees…. and don’t mention the hair..

You are the author of your life, what will YOU make it about?

During my life I have done a mixture of all of those, some I am glad I did or did not, some I wish I hadn’t and some I didn’t even try.

But “That’s life ”  as the song made famous by Frank Sinatra goes.

And what a life.. would I change anything??? Well, somethings but all of that is with hindsight which is a wonderful thing!  Haha.


When I think back my dad was a strict disciplinarian but was that a bad thing? No… really my mum countered that by just being our mum. She made all of our clothes taught us to knit, sew and cook and she loved us…

I remember walking for miles over fields to see my nan my grandad was a farmer I loved it there and spent weekends, school holidays and this was at 9/10 years old, we had no phones so at some point my mum would get a call from a phone box to say I was ok but didn’t know when I was coming home. But it was safe to do that then, I could walk for miles and see no one or maybe just one person who invariably knew who I was, knew where I was going and or gave me a drink of water.

How I loved it there, I got to wander around the farm ( with the strictest instructions ) from my granddad of where I could wander and where I could not. I learnt to milk a cow and had great fun in the haylofts and at harvest time. My Nan showed me how to cook on an Aga. So between my nan and my mum, I think that’s where I got my love of cooking.

My other nan lived but  5 mins away and had a lovely piano….so most days after school I would wander up the road to see her and get to play the piano…I loved that piano and one day maybe I’ll get to tinkle those ivories again. But I have special memories of both my Nan’s.

I was a choir girl.. yes folks and I won’t treat you to a rendering on the karaoke. Church every Sunday and at Easter, we got our new Sunday best… We also always had shiny shoes…

Carol, Tina and Fay


Head over to read the rest of this post.. and for some of us a trip down memory lane….

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