Smorgasbord Music Column – The top six Romantic Last Dance Ballads of all time – In my opinion….

When I think back to my teens and the intervening years, there are some romantic songs that take your breath away. I have picked six end of the night dance tracks to share with you today from each of the decades that I have loved music.  Feel free to whisk your partner onto the dance floor.

I would love to hear from you. What is the one song that makes you feel weak at the knees…or brings back memories of that first dance with the one you love. Just put the title in the comments and I will find it if I can..

Next week I will be doing a special music column on Thursday sharing those requests along with the links to your blog and books etc.

My first crush was on Lieutenant Cable in South Pacific in the 1960s, and I still get goose bumps when I hear Younger than Springtime… the fact that Lieutenant Cable did not make it to the end of the film broke my heart aged ten, and watching it for the first time.. Love and loss all in two hours was almost too much to bear.

Now the 1970s and that was probably the decade that had the most impact on me musically and romantically. Number one smooch at the end of the evening…… Al Green with Let’s Stay TogetherAmazon

Moving into the 1980s and my choice is The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush, although the song has gone on to be recorded by Celine Dion and other artists, this version is one of my favourite smoochie dances, with the right person of course…buy Jennifer Rush on Amazon

1990s and it has to be Luther Landross and Mariah Carey with My Endless Love…….Amazon

And as we move into the new millennium there were plenty to choose from but I love this track to dance to…Snow Patrol with Chasing Cars …Amazon

And bringing us up to the present time…..and although there have been some fabulous romantic ballads in the country and popular charts…. I think that I will go back to the 60s and finish with the master of the smoochie last dance with a touch of swing.. Frank Sinatra and The Way You Look Tonight.

Thanks for tuning in and please don’t forget to leave your most romantic song selection in the comments… keep dancing…..thanks Sally..

33 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Music Column – The top six Romantic Last Dance Ballads of all time – In my opinion….

  1. “Younger Than Springtime” just happened to be on a cassette of many love songs my late husband sent me as a Valentine gift in 2005. Unfortunately, the song was at the end of the tape, and it cut off before the song finished, so it was nice to finally hear it all the way through.

    My favorite love song, though, is “I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You” from The Mask of Zorro. As readers learn in my latest book, this song symbolizes how our love endured despite him suffering two strokes that left him partially paralyzed and me caring for him for six years until he passed away.

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  2. A moonlit night in Corsica… the sound of waves on the beach, the heavy perfume of momosa in flower and, I kid you not, there were shooting stars. Then a sax started playing Billy Joel’s ‘Just the way you are’… I didn’t stand a chance, really 😉 xx

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  3. It’s just after 10.30 am here in Spain and – still no housework done, or ‘slap’ on face- I’m singing along to your wonderful videos, Sally. Well two, actually. “The Way You Look Tonight” and “Younger than Springtime…”(There’s no hope for me…) Just as well my husband is a little hard of hearing…I’m off now to redress the balance so to speak. Always good to start the day on a high!! Thank you. Hugs xx

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  4. You picked some great ones, Sally. Love ‘em all. I would just add George Michael to the list – Father Figure was one of my favorites. All the best. Hugs

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  5. You have already picked two of my favorites, “Younger Than Springtime” and “The Way You Look Tonight”. I’d throw in “Maria” from West Side Story and “Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Sooo many good sob-a-thon songs. 💔

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  6. Some great choices. There are many but my first one was Elvis Presley´s Love Me Tender. I was just a little girl but was so in love with him and that song. (He also dies in the movie, I mean his character)

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