Living In A Paranormal World

Have you ever wondered about the work of a paranormal investigator, author Adele Marie Park interviews Jayne Mortimore and asks some great guestions over at The Sisters of the Fey.. do head over and find out more at the end of this extract. Thanks Sally.

Living In A Paranormal World-Part Two
Adele Marie Park

In this article, I am talking with Jayne Mortimore who is a paranormal investigator in Paranormal Voice based in the UK. She will give insight into what a paranormal investigator does, why she personally chose to be one and exactly what the dangers are associated with this choice.
Welcome Jayne, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

Hi Adele.

Can you explain to our readers what a paranormal investigator is, please?

A Paranormal Investigator is someone who investigates, pushes the barriers of research and communication with all types of phenomena. That could be the afterlife, aliens, cryptozoology and any form of supernatural happenings outside of the boundaries of ‘normal’.
For me and the Paranormal Voice team, we choose to study and document the afterlife and especially keen in communication with the Spirit World.

Thank you and how does a paranormal investigator work? What sort of tools do they use?
Assuming we are tools for finding Spirit, there are some which are widely used however, none have given concrete and definitive evidence of the afterlife to say this other realm truly exists. We know it exists but in the eyes of science because it can’t be measured, it can’t be proven.

Head over and read the entire interview…

via Living In A Paranormal World

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