Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Paperclip by Dan Woll and Walter Rhein

Delighted to welcome a new author to the Cafe and Bookstore, Walter Rhein with his latest release which was co-written by Dan Woll Paperclip – A masked cold war conspiracy unleashed at rural America.

About Paperclip

What if your whole life was an experiment?

Prior to meeting Carlie, Mickey’s biggest problem consisted of escaping the wrath of the ruler-wielding nuns of St. Asors. But when Carlie moved to town, Mickey found that the young girl’s proximity began to enhance a dormant ability to catch fleeting glimpses of the future. Confused by the stirrings of young love, Mickey began to sense the presence of a shadowy villain, driven by hatred, on a relentless pursuit that would not end until both Mickey and Carlie were dead.

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Jan 05, 2019 Andrew Weston rated it Five Stars

I think it was only a month or so ago that I mentioned I liked to be surprised. You know, it’s like those occasions you sit down to watch a film or read a book and it ends up taking you unexpected places that please you no end?

Well, in “Paperclip” I experienced another one of those out-of-the-blue- moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. (Who would have thought?)

Carlie and Mickey are different from other children. They know things. Things they shouldn’t. A bit of a pain when they can’t exactly broadcast the fact without being thought of as weird or one sandwich short of a full picnic. Each tries to cope in their own way. Alas, people “like them” appear to act as a lodestone to others who are different. And that’s not always a good thing.

Based on a real life project, Paperclip is a clever paranormal psychological thriller, involving government conspiracies; national security at the highest level; Nazi scientists living under false identities; and killer stalkers with a penchant for being it the right place at the wrong time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is well constructed, engages you from the beginning, and adopts a pace that allows you to become involved in Carlie and Mickey’s lives as they try to make sense of why things keep happening to them.

Oh, and who’s the mysterious cowboy with a brute of a dog?

Make the effort to find out, you’ll be glad you did.

Read the reviews and buy the book:

And on Amazon UK:

A selection of other books by Walter Rhein

Read the reviews and buy the books:

And on Amazon UK:

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About Walter Rhein

Walter Rhein was born in Wisconsin, but moved to Lima, Peru in his twenties. There, he supported himself by writing, teaching, translating and editing. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin and Peru.

He is currently a writer for and his articles also frequently appear in Silent Sports and Cross Country Skiier Magazine. He was also a featured writer at the Chippewa Valley Book Festival and the Fox Cities Book Festival.

Connect to Walter

Twitter book reviews:

Dan Woll is the author of three books and you can follow him on Goodreads:

His latest book Further is availableAmazon

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