Angels and Demons at St Mary’s…

One does not have to belong to an organised religion to appreciate their places of worship. Especially old churches which seem to be seeped in the devotions of thousands over the centuries. Sue Vincent loves churches and has been trying to obtain entry to this one for some time. The wait was worth it. Do head over to find out more about this ancient place of worship.

Angels and Demons at St Mary’s…

I am surprised that my son continues to allow me to stop the car outside churches when we are out and about. “I won’t be above a few minutes…” invariably gives him time for a snooze, but on this occasion, a few weeks ago, I was almost as good as my word. It was the swiftest of raids… no forethought, no research, just an opportunistic descent of the off-chance that this time, it would be open.

We had stopped there one day on our wandering, Stuart and I, to no avail. I have tried on several occasions, only to find the door securely locked. I honestly did not expect to get in. But, on this occasion, I was lucky.

I’ve always liked the look of St Mary’s. I love the way the door, clock and window are set into the fifteenth century tower, completely out of line and how they reflect so many periods of history. I like the old gravestones leaning at odd angles that shelter beneath the yews. But I had no idea what I might find inside… if anything… so when the door yielded, I was elated.

It is always an adventure opening the door of a church, especially when you have no knowledge of what it might contain. St Mary’s at East Claydon is a simple place… no fuss, no grand tombs, but obviously old enough to have stories to tell.


Head over to find out more.


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