Mira Prabhu – In Memoriam

With sadness I pass on this post about friend an author Mira Prabhu whose books I read and enjoyed. Unable to get news after her final message last November , Jo Robinson shared this post from Harsh, sharing that she died from cancer in January 2019. A very spiritual person, who wrote beautifully of the ancient India as well as the modern. When we lose touch with bloggers we have connected to with regularly, it is always so sad to hear of their passing. RIP Mira. Thank you Harsh for passing on the news so sensitively.


Mira Prabhu is now free from the torment of physical suffering caused by her cancer. Death claimed Mira at a young age when she was on the verge of becoming well known for her writings and spiritual novels. Mira left her body on January 6, 2019, in Tiruvannamalai, India, near the Holy Hill of Arunachala. Her ashes were sprinkled over the Holy Mountain.

Mira was a beautiful soul with a kind heart and I felt her warmth and love that she naturally had for Bhagavan Ramana devotees. We used to post each other’s blog posts on our respective blog sites. Mira often shared my FB posts on her wall. She was always generous in her comments and very supportive as we were both Bhagavan devotees.

Mira was a prolific and gifted writer. She was also a yogini and mystic. She was a devotee of Bhagavan Ramana and also followed Nisargadatta…

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9 thoughts on “Mira Prabhu – In Memoriam

  1. Oh Sal, my heart hurts. I was just sick to read this. Mira was in my friend circles and so sadly, it only takes a few weeks or a few months to lose contact while life is busy heaping other things upon us, taking for granted that when we go back to visit our friend they will be there. A good reminder to never take our friendships for granted 😦 ❤ ❤

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