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How many of us drink bottled water and throw the plastic bottle into the recycling.. hopefully… without every checking out its bottom? Perhaps if we did we might drink out of a glass bottle! Carol Taylor provides the guide to the level of toxicity according to the letters and numbers on the bottom of your plastic packaging… #recommended

Retired? No one told me!

Quite recently the BBC announced that a Blue Planet spin-off series is on the way…How exciting is that? I loved the 2017 series of the Blue Planet and it was popular worldwide…

Blue Planet UK is a week-long documentary series produced by BBC Studio’s Natural History Unit, the team behind Blue Planet and Blue Planet II.

Blue Planet

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The programmes will offer audiences practical solutions for how to get involved around the country and tackle plastic pollution, according to the BBC.

Sounds good, right? When does it start…TONIGHT!

Blue Planet UK will air Monday 25 to Friday 29 March on BBC One.

Plastic Bottles…

plastic bottles

There still seem to be as many on the supermarket shelves as there were this time last year when I first wrote about plastic bottles …I don’t know about you but I still have to check what plastic is what …Time for a re-run…

Let the…

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16 thoughts on “Plastic…The Latest News…

  1. I can live without straws of any kind – used to be only toddlers needed straws and kids were so happy when told they were big enough to not use them …but we weren’t allowed to eat/drink when traveling in cars growing up HAHA
    If people really cared, they’d stop wailing and start by avoiding plastic bags and support reuse/rehome/recycle instead of it always has to be new.

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  2. Very nice article Carol. Yes, I do check out the toxicity level of the bottles. We don’t use plastic bottles for drinking water especially if we leave the bottles in the car and the bottles get hot. We use metal bottles instead. ❤

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