Waste Not! Want Not! Week 17…Microplastics, Glitter and Wild Harvesters?

Carol Taylor has an excellent series on waste and conservation and in this post some issues that we might gloss over… glitter…and microbeads – please follow the link at the bottom to read the full article.. it does concern us all..

Waste Not! Want Not! Week 17…Microplastics, Glitter and Wild Harvesters?

As you know because I tell you every week I am really heartened by the initiatives which I am discovering that are happening from all around the world…Your comments are also a revelation when I hear from you guys what is going on in your neck of the woods all good stuff…How you are reducing the carbon footprints and coming up with ideas to cut waste and protect the environment.

green foot prints eco system


A few things have greatly disturbed me this last week…Things I am ashamed to say that I didn’t think about and I believe I should have either been aware of or looked into it of my own violation… I didn’t!



Basically, microplastics are miniscule man-made plastic fragments or particles that are  5.0 mm to 100 nanometers in size. These tiny bits are filling oceans, seas, and waterways which in turn end up into the organisms who live in these waters …Now for the scary bit, we swim, we eat fish and shellfish hence they end up in our bodies.

Where do they originate from .microfibers from clothing, microbeads, plastic pellets (also known as nurdles), Glitter…Now what child doesn’t play with glitter, have their faces painted with it… so many uses and it doesn’t stop with the kids…Partytime…Almost everyone I know loves a bit of glitter…


Microbeads, a type of microplastic, are small plastic particles that are less than 5 mm in diameter. They are used in a number of ways, including as cleansing or exfoliating agents in cosmetics, soaps or toothpaste. …Microbeads are just one type of microplastic that can be found in lakes and streams …

There is no getting away from the fact that they are in most everyday products we use and either throw away or wash down our waste systems…

This article will tell you where the microplastics come from and where they can end up…



please head over to read the entire post.. thanks Sally

via Waste Not! Want Not! Week 17…Microplastics, Glitter and Wild Harvesters?

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