Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Special Pre-Order Price 99c/99p -The Mayhem Series Book 3 – Silent Mayhem by Sue Coletta

Delighted to share the news of the latest book by Sue Coletta, Silent Mayhem, which is on pre-order at the special price of 99c/99p until April 24th.

About the book

Some things in life defy comprehension, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Or deadly.

When a familiar crow drops a cryptic scroll at Shawnee Daniels’ feet, she’s compelled to open it, even though everything in her power warns her not to. Mr. Mayhem—the most prolific serial killer the North Shore has ever known—claims her life is in danger. He “claims” he wants to help her, but just last year he threatened to murder everyone she loves.

While Mayhem taunts her with oddly-placed feathers, like The Creator left at his crime scenes, an interstate killing spree rocks Massachusetts and New Hampshire. A madman is decapitating men and women, dumping their headless corpses on two area beaches. But what Shawnee soon uncovers shatters all she’s ever known, her memories shredded, the whispers of the past in shambles on the ground.

Can she find the strength to move forward, or will the truth destroy her?

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A selection of books by Sue Coletta

One of the recent reviews for book 2 in the Mayhem Series – Blessed Mayhem

Sherry Fundin 5.0 out of 5 stars GIVE ME MORE!!!!! March 14, 2019

The cat burglar and the serial killer collided in a most unexpected way. HE took it as a challenge…and with Shawnee, it certainly will be. He is looking forward to breaking her will, but Shawnee bends for no one.. Sparks fly whenever she is around and I love the snarky dialogue. She is a risk taker. She’s not a cop, but she works for them, running their cyber crime unit. If you get on her bad side, she would just as soon kick your a** as look at you.

Sue Coletta has taken a different route with Mr Mayhem and Shawnee Daniels. I love it! I find it very refreshing and challenging, and exciting, because I don’t know where she’s going to take me.

And…What’s up with the crows? That is a whole ‘nother issue.

Shawnee walks through a nightmare, at times the past and present merging together, making it hard for her to pull herself back from the brink of insanity. She guards her secrets closely, but sooner or later she is going to have to explain Maggie…and Jessup.

She tries more than Levaughn’s patience with her antics. He works as a detective for the police department. He knows about her burglaring, but thought she had given it up. I think she is hooked on the adrenaline high, and a safe, normal life won’t work for her.

She’s like an M&M, hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Her love for Berkley, her sleeping pill is his purr. Her motto, she’d face Lucifer himself to save a child. And she can’t say no to Levaughn, needing him to hold her, love her, when life becomes unbearable.

I can see Mr Mayhem’s resemblance to Hannibal Lector. I can see Shawnee’s resemblance to Clarice. I love that Sue Coletta took Blessed Mayhem so far out there, I had to reign myself in after the last page was read.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I wanted to be ‘shown’ more. Shawnee is so hard on the outside, I wanted to be ‘shown’ more of her love for Levaughn, her best friend and lover. I also wanted to be ‘shown’ more of the badass side and the evil that befalls her in her battle with Mr Mayhem. I wanted to get lost inside their heads. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for the story to end. If I did half stars, I would rate this 4.5, but seeing I don’t, I round up…5 Stars it is..

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About Sue Coletta

Proud member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers, Sue Coletta is always looking for new ways to commit murder…on the page. InSinC Quarterly published her forensic article, Radiocarbon Dating and Skeletal Differences. Sue’s published in an anthology, Murder, USA and OOTG Flash Fiction Offensive and one of her short stories is slated for publication in an upcoming anthology, RUN.

She runs a popular crime website and blog, where she shares crime tips, police jargon, the mind of serial killers, and anything and everything in between. If you search her achieves, you’ll find posts from guests that work in law enforcement, forensics, coroner, undercover operatives, firearm experts…crime, crime, and more crime. If you’re a writer with murder in your plot, pick up your free copy of 60 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters.

For readers, she has the Crime Lover’s Lounge, where subscribers will be the first to know about free giveaways, contests, and have inside access to deleted scenes. As an added bonus, members get to play in the lounge. Your secret code will unlock the virtual door. Inside, like-minded folks discuss their favorite crime novels, solve mindbender and mystery puzzles, and/or relax and chat. Most importantly, everyone has a lot of fun.

Sue lives in northern New Hampshire with her husband, who deals with a crazy crime writer feeding circus peanuts to crows named Poe and Edgar, a squirrel named Shawnee (the Marilyn Monroe of squirrels, with her silky strawberry-blonde tail), and a chipmunk dubbed “Hippy” for his enthusiasm and excited leaps each time he scores a peanut in “Hip, hip, hooray!” fashion.

Connect to Sue on her blog and social media.

Tirgearr Publishing: www.tirgearrpublishing/authors/Coletta_Sue/index.htm

Thanks for visiting today and it would be great if you could spread the news of Sue’s latest book. Thanks Sally

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