Smorgasbord and The Versatile Blogger Award – Nominated by Brigid P. Gallagher – 7 things you may not know about me!

I was very honoured to have been nominated by Brigid P. Gallagher recently for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Blog awards are wonderful to be nominated it and it does offer an opportunity to meet other bloggers as well as let people know a little more about you….

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

  1. If you are nominated, Congratulations you have been awarded the Versatile blogger award!
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog.
  3. Select 10 -15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Seven things about Sally you might not know…..

  1. When I was three years old we were living in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and there was a severe outbreak of measles. Which I duly caught. It is one of my first memories as I went from sunshine everyday to being in my cot in a dark room (to prevent blindness). After I recovered I had a pattern of leaves down the centre of my forehead which remained until I was about 7 or 8 years old.
  2. On the way home on the troop ship, part of the entertainment was a fancy dress party. My eldest sister who was already an accomplished seamstress, made me a full little Bo Peep costume with bonnet and layered dress and a shepherdesses crook from coloured crepe paper. I was only 3 and a bit.. and I wet my knickers and when I joined the parade all the colour had run in the back of the dress… My sisters were mortified… I apparently could not care less!
  3. One of my first chores at age five was to go down the hill from our house to the old lady who had chickens and I would feed them every afternoon after school and come home with some warm eggs.
  4. I have completed some very large tapistries in the last 27 years since I gave up smoking. Each one took about a year to finish as I was working full-time, every night in front of the television keeping my fingers busy. I have given some away but I still have six framed on our walls and I have one on the go of an Elephant and her calf.. Eyesight being what it is means it will take a lot longer than a year to finish this one.
  5. I have sung karaoke in Spain, Ireland, Hawaii, Texas, Switzerland, Belgium, France and the UK.
  6. I have had my fortune told twice in my life, 20 years apart. They were both elderly Gypsy women and they both told me that one day I would write books.
  7. I can read the cards, palms and have my own crystal ball. But I still have not foretold the winning lottery numbers!!

My nominees for the award, and I appreciate that most of you are very busy and may not have time to respond, but please take this a appreciation for your support. If anyone else would like to respond please do…thank you Sally.

Patty Fletcher: Author’s Corner

Adele Marie Park: Book Review and interview with Dan Alatorre

Jo Robinson : Feed my Reads Books and Reviews

Willow: Mother’s Day

Miriam Hurdle: Speculative Fiction – The Cage

Traci Kenworth: Blog Link Share

Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes: Book review

Dorinda Duclos: Poetry

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Maria Catalina Egan: Katie Ward Blog Tour with wonderful food

My thanks again to Brigid for nominating me and here some more about her book.

About the book

Millions of people around the world suffer from fibromyalgia; the majority of them are women. As yet, there is no cure.

In this memoir, Brigid P. Gallagher shares her experiences on:

  • The busy life she followed before succumbing to this debilitating disease
  • Stopping and soul searching for answers to her vast array of symptoms
  • Entering a new life of SLOW

Drawing on her knowledge and experience as a Natural Medicines therapist, she seeks out therapies to aid her healing and integrates a variety of self help techniques and lifestyle changes. She also unearths a love of solo travel including Egypt, India, Rome, Lourdes, Carcassonne and Bali…

Brigid learns many insights about LIFE on her journey, the most valuable being: “First learn to love thyself.”

In 2006, she began a new career in Organic Horticulture eventually teaching part time in schools. Although she has now retired from teaching, she continues to pursue her lifelong passion for gardening and watching the daisies.

One of the recent reviews for the book

It’s very rare nowadays that I can pick up a book and I know without doubt that I’m going to enjoy reading before the end of the first page. I really enjoyed this book, it had everything that I enjoy reading about. Positivity, spirituality, hope and common sense.

Following Bridget’s inspiring life, written with frankness and honesty. I just wanted to curl up and read it in one go but time restraints did not permit. However it is a book that can be picked up and put down and by doing that I prolonged the pleasure of reading it.

It follows the life of Bridget and the triumphs and obstacles placed on her journey and how she pushed through the challenges of ill health with determination. I felt like I had been alongside side her when she described her travels enjoying each experience that came with each holiday. I felt the heat, I could smell the smells, I was there.!

I read this book whilst going through a difficult time myself and it really did help me. So thank you Bridget, I’m no gardener but I can appreciate yours and I can’t wait for your next book.

Read the rest of the reviews and buy the book:

and more reviews at Amazon US:

Read more reviews and follow Brigid on Goodreads:

Connect to Brigid


50 thoughts on “Smorgasbord and The Versatile Blogger Award – Nominated by Brigid P. Gallagher – 7 things you may not know about me!

  1. Such lovely and interesting facts about you Sally they are all great , I love the fact you have sing Karaoke in many countries! I had measles as young child, as did my middle son. I am so impressed that you are so good a tapestry my sewing skills are not up to much!
    Thank you for the nomination but I am an award free blog but I am very appreciative that you chose me thank you 💜💜

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  2. Hi Sally and Thanks so much.
    I’ll be sharing this and then following up with my own post later today!
    What a neat story you did share about yourself, and this book, sounds like one I’m going to absolutely have to read.


  3. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
    How exciting to wake up and find I’d Nominated for this award.
    Thanks so much Sally.
    I’ll be writing my own post with my own nominations and 7 things you didn’t know about me later today.
    What a way to start the day!

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      • My daughter, who has five children told me once, that she felt it was abusive to not give children chores in the home to do, and she also said she felt a part time job in the summer and after school was a good idea. While she probably had to do a few things a young child shouldn’t have had to do while growing up due to my sight loss, like reading mail that made her aware of issue in our finance, etc. She learned a lot of things that helped her ready herself to be a responsible parent and contributing member to society. When I attended the Tennessee School for the Blind, we had a work program sponsored by the Lions. I began earning my first real paycheck that I signed and cashed at the school bank when I was but 11-years-old, and never so proud was I when I cashed that first one. I had household chores when I was young, and all throughout my life at home, but there was nothing more satisfying than that first check and being able to go and pick out my own toiletries, my own records and tapes, and to be able to afford without asking for extra money from my parents a weekend trip to town. I earned 2 dollars per hour at that time, and I’d say that was a pretty darn decent wage. I worked first in the little kid’s dorm, then when I was a bit older I got a job in the library. That, was heaven. I love reading Sally’s stuff because she is so down to earth and realistic. She makes her opinions known in a factual respectable way, and I’ve learned much about expressing myself through reading her work. Being exposed to Sally has made a huge difference in my world in many way.

        Get Outlook for iOS


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      • Thank you for sharing that Patty.. I am a firm believer in learning life skills early and also understanding the value of money. I had my first management job at 21 responsible for ten people 20 years older than I was because of working since the age of 14. I did not miss out on my childhood and I certainly appreciated my parents and the work they did to give us food on the table and clothes on our backs. You sound like you also learnt those lessons young and it has given you the tools to survive in a very tough environment.. hugs xxx


      • For a while, I lost my head, and made quite a mess of my life, so some of my hardships are due to my own doing. But. The one thing I learned early and kept all through my life has been a work ethic. It’s why I created my own business when after three years of searching for a job after leaving my volunteer coordinator position. I wanted to be able to make my own way in the world as much was possible and if the big bad job world didn’t want me one way, they were gonna get me another. I still struggle but I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything.

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  4. I asked for a small tapestry for Christmas eons ago and recieved a very large sunset – it drove me round the bend all those shades of yellow and orange. It moved house with us several times, but in the end I got rid of it.

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  6. Sal, first of all congrats on this much deserved award! And, you never cease to amaze! Great visual on the coloured crepe paper, lol. And I remember the days when I had too much time on my hands and created several rug hooking tapestries. I think they’re still in a box in my storage locker, lol. Oh, crystal ball and palm reading? Wow! I think you may have to write a post for our Fey blog! Are you Esme????????????? 🙂 ❤

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  7. What an entertaining and busy life you have leD, Sally…I can say snap with the crepe paper bo- peep outfit but not the knicker wetting…Haha…Sounds like if we meet and there is a karaoke machine it could be a double act …What does your crystal ball say?

    Liked by 2 people

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