Waste Not! Want Not! Week 18…Washed up on the beach…Dead!

Carol Taylor with her weekly war on waste and continues with the use of plastics and its appalling impact on wildlife, including whales. It would also seem that it is mammoth task to move a bill through government with some taking 16 years to enact a ban that should be immediate.. well worth a read and getting your own dander up.

Retired? No one told me!

Before I kick off…I would like to truly thank everyone who sends me good news stories and who share/reblog these posts to spread the word that plastic IS A BIG PROBLEM WORLDWIDE very, very much…

This rant started building inside me when I read a FB post about whales found dead with shit loads of plastic in their stomachs…

Over the past two weeks, two whales have washed up on shores—one in the Philippines, and one in Italy—with stomachs stuffed with disposable plastic trash. On March 16, a young Cuvier’s beaked whale died and was found in Mabini after having consumed about 88 pounds of plastics. Last week, a pregnant sperm whale washed up dead in Sardinia with a little less than 50 pounds of plastic in her stomach. The beaked whale was found in a state of advanced dehydration and starvation, while the sperm whale’s death has not been fully diagnosed.

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1 thought on “Waste Not! Want Not! Week 18…Washed up on the beach…Dead!

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Sally…It was my day for a rant and this weeks post i shifted to next week so retail will be next week…Words didn’t fail me but I am reeling from slow reactions to a huge problem…Hugs and thanks again for the reblog xxxx


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