The wounded heart of Paris

A wonderful tribute to Notre Dame and to Paris from Sue Vincent who first visited the city as a schoolgirl.. then working there and exploring the entire cathedral… It was and will be again I am sure a magnificent building and part of the iconic Paris skyline. And if reports are accurate, this devastation has brought unity to the French people at a very crucial time. Well worth reading to perhaps give us a greater appreciation of some of our ancient monuments that we consider part of our national identity and survival.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Notre Dame de Paris.
The three images of the Cathedral are photographs of postcards in my Parisian diaries.

The white dome of the Sacré-Cœur, floating like some fairy tale castle against the blackness was my very first glimpse of Paris. It was a school trip, we were no more than children… and I fell in love with the city there and then. My eyes filled with tears, my heart with memories and emotions that should not have been mine, I felt that I had come home.

We stayed at the Lycée Henri-IV, just behind the Pantheon. Sneaking out, illicitly, before breakfast, very early next morning, I found myself wandering down the Rue Mouffetard. A tramp was curled around his wine bottle in a doorway. Market stalls were being set up. Everything smelled of coffee and new bread… and I determined that one day, when I was old enough, I would…

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9 thoughts on “The wounded heart of Paris

  1. it seems the biggest threat to architecture through the centuries is fire. Many buildings have been completely lost because of it! A bet as long as your arm could be unfurled.
    They’ve already raised over a billion already and I’m sure it will be rebuilt.
    thanks Sally

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