Smorgasbord Letters from America – #Houston April 1986 – Lost Cats and Tomatoes

Another letter that I wrote home to my parents when we lived in Houston Texas from 1985 to 1987. It is now April 1986 and I wrote this particular letter on April 27th, so almost 33 years ago to the day.

Dear M & D,

Another letter from the far flung corners of the globe and unusually for me I am full of cold… must have been drinking out of damp glasses again!

It has been an unsettled week. As you know we look after Walter’s cat Sutherland when he is on a long shift or away and we are very attached to him. He is sometimes allowed out in the exercise yard and always comes home, but he went missing a few nights ago and we have been out searching for him several times a day. He was spotted in the company of another cat yesterday and he may be co-habiting somewhere with a lady friend. I hope he is okay we miss him.. he is such a character.


David did very well in his race on the Saturday before he left for the UK.. he came 363rd out of 2000 runners so is very pleased. He will carry on with his training and I expect he will be in a full marathon one day soon.

He is currently luxuriating in his tiny hotel room in Manchester and he should have phoned you by now. He has been very busy with meetings and having discussions with his boss on the subject of his return to the UK or an extended stay here. Once he gets back we will have a definite answer and we can make our plans. I think it is likely that they will offer him a position back in Prescott, and we will have to discuss whether we want to return to that part of the UK. We know it well and we do enjoy having access to the Welsh mountains and coast for the weekends. It will be tough adjusting back to the weather though, I have got very used to being in the sun and swimming 8 months of the year.

My friends here have rallied around whilst David is away with Walter and Anna for supper on Monday, Debbie came over last night to watch a movie and tonight Pamela and I are off to the cinema.

I am also thrilled to say that the first tomatoes have emerged on the four plants on the balcony.. I now have five that are beginning to ripen and David will enjoy those in his sandwiches he has every day at work.

He has some leave due and we thought we might take a few days break. A road trip as he has had enough flying for a while. We might go down to Florida for a bit of Miami Vice!! We have passed through the north of the State but never explored fully.. Having watched some of the nature programs on the television I am not too sure about the everglades… snakes, alligators and such!  You know me and snakes.

Once David returns and we have firm news I can let Sonia know and she can book Emma’s ticket. I have lots of ideas for the three weeks that she is here and everyone is very excited to meet her. She won’t have time to draw breath and hopefully we can keep a 15 year old entertained as there are no other teenagers of her age here in the complex. Our friends who have lived here all their lives have come up with a list of ‘top attractions’ and we will take their guidance very happily.

I am off now to sit in the sun and watch my tomatoes grow.. hopefully my cold will have run its course by tomorrow and I can go back to my daily swim. At least my tan makes me look healthy…….

love and hugs as always… S & D.

Thanks for dropping in today and if you would like to read more of the letters from January 1985.. you will find them here:


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