A New Quilt – Part 2

Last week I shared the wonderful news that the children in Jennie Fitzkee’s class were embarking on a new quilt…. here is a recap of that post and the beginning of part 2… be inspired and follow the link to read the entire post.

A New Quilt – Part 2

In Part 1, children embraced the song “This Land is Your Land” as their own.  They sang the song every day, multiple times a day.  By the time winter arrived, they had ‘taken over’, and constantly used the book This Land is Your Land when they sang.  The book brings American landmarks and history to life, and it also depicts humanity, the good and the bad.  Children love the ‘sad page’, and the ensuing verse that gives us all hope and reminds us of what we can do, together.  In my classroom, the song just keeps on going.

Part 2:
It was a regular morning in the classroom.  Children were finishing snack.  The routine is they get a book and have silent reading (or not so silent) while other children finish their snack.  Of course there are a few children who try to eat quickly so they can have first dibs on a book.  This Land is Your Land is always the first to get picked.  And, it’s hard to read the book and not sing, or at least hum.  On this particular morning, multiply that tenfold.

I remarked to Naomi, my assistant teacher, “The last time children were so vested in a song and couldn’t get enough was eight years ago.  I had to do something, do more.  Milly the quilter made a quilt.”

Lightbulb moment:  Of course, a quilt!


Be inspired and click the link….

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