Plastic…Part 7…How does plastic get into the Sea?

It is time for Carol Taylors war on #waste and this week some horrifying statistics on plastics and the amount floating in the ocean.. She shares some alternatives to plastic and also how we can improve our recycling.. #recommended

Retired? No one told me!

It is the subject of many news desks, question time, documentary’s, in fact, it is on the news it comes up on your FB news feed, magazines, newspapers..everyone is talking about plastic…

Plastic is a major problem worldwide…International environmental movements are working overtime on publicising the fact or coming up with answers…States and local councils are trying to play their part by banning single-use plastic bags, straws and drink containers.

Fact: Between 4.7 and 12.9 million metric tons of plastic is floating around in the oceans…

Fact: The equivalent of one garbage truck per minute being emptied in the ocean.

A study conducted by the Santa  Barbara Marine Conservancy found that of all ocean waste only 1 % of surface waste  i.e garbage patches which we have seen photos of floating on the seas or what is washed up on the shorelines  contained drink cups, straws, cigarettes one of the…

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15 thoughts on “Plastic…Part 7…How does plastic get into the Sea?

  1. I saw this on Blue Planet. It’s heartbreaking the effects plastic has on sea-life and the environment. I think manufacturers and stores could help a lot by refusing to wrap things in plastic. It would be a good start. The Govs need to crack down on it. It really annoys me when I see fruit and vegetables in plastic bags on the stalls… completely unnecessary! We should go back to weighing them and placing them in recyclable brown paper bags like they did when I was a lad.

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