This week in my kitchen…Squidilicious…Salt & Pepper Squid and BBQ Squid …

It is late on a Friday night here… a relaxing evening.. light supper feeling virtuous…. that is until I read this post from Carol Taylor and now all I can think about is lightly battered calamari or BBQ Calamari..

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to this week in my kitchen …The kids go back to school next week…I am off to Bangkok to spend the weekend with my big boy which will be really nice…This week I have squid recipes for you as I know many of you love squid but find it tough when you cook it …I hope you enjoy these recipes and you enjoy some nice tender, soft squid if you have any questions then please ask…

Squid is very popular in Thailand it can be found on every menu and every street market…But hang on a minute are squid and calamari one and the same…The answer is no!

Squid is tougher than Calamari which means of the two Calamari is the most expensive…How to tell the difference? You can tell squid from calamari by the fins that form an arrow shape on the end of the squid’s hood. The…

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3 thoughts on “This week in my kitchen…Squidilicious…Salt & Pepper Squid and BBQ Squid …

  1. I am so sorry I made you think of food but blame Debs she wanted to know how to cook squid…So I obliged and of course, the time difference doesn’t help but I am sure you resisted the urge to eat …haha…Thank you so much for the reblog..Hugs xxx

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