Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves -#Mystery- Fire in the Vineyard by Christa Polkinhorn.

Delighted to welcome a new author to the shelves of the Cafe and Bookstore with her books. Christa Polkinhorn and her most recent release Fire in the Vineyard

About Fire in the Vineyard

When bottles of wine disappear from the Segantino Winery in Paso Robles, California, and an arson fire kills his close friend, the owner of the estate, Robert Segantino, is faced with the toughest ordeal of his career as winemaker: someone intends to destroy what he has built over the years. As it becomes increasingly clear that members of his staff and of his family are among the suspects, the ambitious wine tycoon is forced to reevaluate his goals in life, and, above all, his relationship to his son and future heir. Part family drama, part suspense, FIRE IN THE VINEYARD, the third book in The Wine Lover’s Daughter series, takes the reader on another thrilling adventure through one of California’s wine countries.

One of the reviews for the book

A wonderful story about a family of wine producers and merchants. The story comes with interesting characters and complicated family relationships. When things start to go wrong in the vineyard, everybody is a suspect, including family members. The author makes clever use of dialogue as things heat up and suspicions turn nasty. The vivid descriptions of the California wine producing landscape make you want to visit this part of America. Woven into the narrative is the complicated process of producing a bottle of wine. A great read for those who love a glass of wine and even for those who don’t

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Also by Christa Polkinhorn

The Italian Sister (Book One of the Wine Lover’s Daughter) is currently on offer at 99c/99p

Ms. Polkinhorn has a touch for providing the perfect amount of description to bring her characters and locales to life. And due to an evident combination of good research, personal experience, and her writing ability, it’s almost as if reading this book gave me memories of spending a summer at a Tuscan vineyard with a complicated, but mostly wonderful, family and their associates! As the threats to Sofia developed, the author kept me guessing on the identity of the culprit and then deftly wrapped up all the elements of the story with a satisfying ending.

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About Christa Polkinhorn

Born and raised in Switzerland, I have always had the desire to explore the world outside of my beautiful but tiny country. I traveled in Europe, China, Japan as well as South America. Now, I live and work as writer and translator in southern California. My interest in foreign cultures informs my work and my novels take place in several countries. I published a volume of poetry (The Path of Fire). Now, I write and publish contemporary fiction with a focus on family drama/love stories (The Family Portrait trilogy) and family drama/suspense (The Wine Lover’s Daughter series). Aside from writing and traveling, I am an avid reader and a lover of the arts, dark chocolate, and red wine.

Connect to Christa

Facebook Author Page:

Thank you for dropping in today and it would be great if you could spread the news about Christa and her books.. thanks Sally.

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