Growing Older

Time for the weekly Carrot Ranch Anthology – wonderful flash fiction on the natural progression of aging that we all face… with sorrow at times but certainly with a great deal of humour…head over and enjoy the perspectives of some of our best writers…. thanks to Charli Mills for all the effort that goes into making this challenge happen.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Perhaps growing older is a disgusting venture, but as one writer quipped, it’s better than the alternative. We can age with dignity if we simply allow each other the forgiveness for doing so. We can forgive memory gaps and welcome each day as a chance to yet live. Wrinkles never stopped a grin or an expression of love.

Writers took to age as if they’ve been living a long time to write about it.

The following are based on the May 9, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about growing older.

PART I (10-minute read)

On Aging by Susan Sleggs

When I dream I am younger, energetic, and always thinner. There is excitement, intrigue, people I don’t recognize and fascinating cartoonlike experiences. There are animals, unlikely pets, a tiger on my bed, horses waiting at the window for an apple. I travel to exotic…

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19 thoughts on “Growing Older

  1. A great post about aging. Funny though, I always wanted to be older, never younger when I was younger. I want to be very old with wonderful life experiences behind me, and I have accomplished much of what I wished for, and still, I strive for more life experiences. I don’t mind getting older, I have always kept myself in dancer shape, I never hold a grudge, I always see the sunny side of life, give as much love to all as possible, appreciate everyone, and I live each day to the fullest, never forgetting how fortunate I am to live, and I would love to be 100 years old…someday. I guess you could call me a dreamer and I do believe in Fairies.

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      • Wow. your Mom is amazing and probably has been amazing her whole life, and I can relate to her too. I still feel young, maybe not 25…but 30 years old, maybe. I guess, age doesn’t matter that much…I am happy just to live in the jumbled up, crazy world we live in. It is always exciting and scary, especially now, in America. My husband is Canadian and also American, but I often ask him…can we go live in Canada? Thank you, Sally. I always love your posts. Karen 🙂

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      • Sally, You are so lucky to have had your mom for all those years. My mom, who was a wonderful mom in every way, passed away when I was 29 years old, but my siblings and I are so lucky because we have such wonderful memories of her. She was loving, kind, goodhearted, and she laughed at inconveniences, and welcomed everyone into her home. She loved books and took us to the library every weekend. wonderful memories.

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    • Karen, I don’t think you’re a dreamer. If you are, then we’re in good company. My mom had many health issues and still lived to 90. I am doing similar thing you do, keeping in good shape and positive. try to be loving and giving and grateful. Physically I’m prepared to live to 100 if that’s meant to be.

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  2. These are excellent vignettes on aging. It is not easy – getting older – finding that you can’t do the things you once did with ease. But, we find other things to take their place and continue living to the fullest!!! Thanks SO much for sharing this, Sally!

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