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Welcome to the first of the Cafe Updates this week and the first author with a review is Ann Chiappetta for her released a collection of poems, essays and flash fiction: Words of Life.

About the collection

In this new collection of poems, essays, and flash fiction, the author once again exhibits her ability to write about both the light and dark sides of life. There are numerous poems and stories about nature: its kindness, cruelty, and wonder. There are frank expressions of the sadness and frustration she felt at the progressive loss of her eyesight and a poem about the social isolation that disability can bring. Other pieces, though, sing of joys as diverse as family closeness, the love of dogs, the delights of scents, and the power of the muse. Just as in her first volume of poetry, Upwelling: Poems (2016), there is no fluff here. To read Ann Chiappetta’s works is to feel them deeply, appreciate them mightily, and remember them forever. From the IntroductionWhile it is my hope that all the pieces in this book resonate with my readers, I have my favorites. Some of the poems have been previously published; all reflect what lies within.

This volume is accented with a few photographs. As I lose the last vestiges of my vision, bringing a meaningful visual array to this collection seems imperative. Finally, dear reader, I want to share the prose that reflects the way I’ve lived my creative life. If just one poem or essay resonates with you, I have accomplished the purpose. For a moment, as the eye reads and the brain interprets, the reader slips into the shoes of the writer. This is the true spirit of what it means to be creative, open, to offer the emotions in such a way as to give another person the opportunity to appreciate the writer’s experience with the words of life.

One of the recent reviews for Words of Life

May 5, 2019

Family vacations carefully recorded in journal entries, conversations and encounters with strangers on a beach or in a van, mythical stories of wolves and Greek legends, thefts perpetrated by shore birds on beaches, a dishonest neighbor, watchers, witnesses, a voyeur, and lurking dark dogs who appear initially as a sniff, or a nose. By the end of the collection the entire black dog has transformed into a threatening beast-
these are among Ann Chiappetta’s themes in her 3rd book, Words of Life, a collection of poems and essays.

The reader does not travel far into the text to begin to make discoveries about the intention of the author.

In the “Introduction,” she states,
“The purpose of this volume… (is to) reflect
the beauty in nature, the complexities of the
human condition.”

As we reach the conclusion of this collection, we see the author as a voyeuristic listener, in her own words:

“I’ve often tried to figure out why I’m chosen to
be the designated listener. Two possibilities
are: 1. When someone notices I’m blind,
they figure, what the heck, she’ll never
see me again, and if she does, she won’t
recognize me anyway. 2. I’m eavesdropping
on conversations, being an opportunist in
disguise to feed a voyeuristic curiosity.”

Each piece assembled for this collection has the mark of the keen eye and sensitive ear of a person who listens, takes notes, contemplates, and responds to the run-of-the-mill situations and ordinary, everyday and commonplace conversation, observation, or experience. She moves easily between moments of joy, pride, awe, irritation, anger, fear, and even her struggles with recurring depression and the ways she battles through them. Always, there is a sense of place; specific locations such as Long Island Shore, California, Old Sturbridge, Aruba, the Bay, a hospital – each a marker left behind on her journey – Words of Life.

Head over and buy the collection:

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Also by Ann Chiappetta

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And the next author today with a recent review is Richard Dee for his latest release Life and Other Dreams.About the book

“Sci-Fi and psychological thriller fans are in for a treat.”
“…action, adventure, romance and cerebral high-jinks…”

Rick lives here on Earth now, with Cath. His life is boring, writing adverts for cat food and exotic holidays. When he’s asleep, he dreams vividly.

In his dreams, he lives as Dan, spending his time with his wife Vanessa. They live six-hundred years in the future, half a galaxy away. They’re explorers, searching for valuable minerals on Ecias, an alien paradise.

Dan has no dreams about Rick’s life, he lives on Ecias, loves his life and Vanessa.
When the two worlds overlap, Rick starts to question what is real. Events in his waking and sleeping lives are mirrored, similar people inhabit both and coincidences mount up.

Then disaster strikes in each world at the same time. In his dreams, Dan is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, after one coincidence too many, Cath thinks that Rick’s dreams are hiding an affair and leaves him.

Is Rick going crazy, or can he be living in two places, in two times, at once? If not, then which one of them is the reality? Will one life carry on when the other is on hold?
Richard Dee’s fast-paced, edgy science fiction -cum- psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!

One of the recent reviews for the book

I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest opinion. This tale doesn’t simply belong in a book, it would be perfect as a movie. The mundane matter-of-fact snippets of two daily lives seem simple at first glance. But, if you pay attention to the fantastic fauna and flora (and technology) of Ecias – I feel that this new world is something I’d love to explore. Preferably on the big screen. The psychological twists and turns are also fascinating; I could not stop reading until the very last page. Definitely a keeper in my collection. 

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A Selection of books by Richard Dee

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The final author today is award winning romance/adventure novelist Lyn Horner with a recent review for A Mighty Chieftain

About the Book

Lara Flewellen, the High Guardian of Danu, faces a lethal test. Can she defeat the vicious Hellhounds or will they force her and the other six Guardians to hand over the prophetic scrolls they and their ancestors have safeguarded since ancient times?

Balor, the Hellhound leader, and his followers have discovered the Guardians’ sanctuary in Canyon de Chelly, heart of the Navajo Nation. Trapped along with their mates and their native protector, the Guardians must run from one hiding place in the canyon to another using their supernatural powers and raw courage to survive. Fear and suffering are their constant companions.

Tearing Lara apart, Balor holds her twin sister prisoner, threatening her life. How can she save her twin and uphold her vow to guard the sacred prophecies at the same time? It seems impossible. A desperate prayer to Danu the Great Mother may bring a miracle . . . or catastrophe.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Kindle Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful story April 17, 2019

All thru this series, a Guardian has fought to stay ahead of the evil that is trying to kill them and steal the prophecies.This last book is about the fight to end Balor’s attempt to end them. They get help to end his reign. Then ten years later, they read the prophecies to the public. There are surprised in this nook and lots of pain. Please read

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A selection of other books by Lyn Horner

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And on Amazon UK:

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As always thank you for dropping in today and it would be great if you could take a few books with you.. thanks Sally.


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