Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the shelves -#Mystery/Humor/Romance -Soap on a Rope – Cold Cream Murders – Book 3 by Barbara Silkstone

Delighted to welcome bestselling author Barbara Silkstone to the Cafe and Bookstore with her books and in particular her latest release Soap on a Rope – Cold Cream Murders – Book 3.

About Soap on a Rope

When Nelson Dingler is found dangling from a chandelier—feet-side up—Grams Dingler determines to find her son’s killer. Can Olive help her best friend save her feisty grandmother from suffering the same fate? And can the Cold Cream Shop survive while Olive psyches out the killer?

Contains a recipe for heavenly lavender lemon honey soap.


When Olive Peroni put out her family therapy sign, she never thought her top client would be the retired head of a New York crime family. When Olive’s nonna dies and leaves her a condo in Florida and a secret recipe for miracle cold cream, Olive grabs the chance at a new life in Starfish Cove, Florida, making designer creams for ladies who spend far too much time at the beach.

But when the quiet little community on the Gulf of Mexico soon begins to compete with a certain notorious coastal village in Maine, Olive finds herself solving odd-ball murders as often as she soothes wrinkles.

One of the early reviews for the book

Olive and Lizzy have had their ups and downs when it comes to their cold cream shop. Despite the adversities, they’ve persevered. Their dream is taking flight, even if it’s moving forward in small steps. They’ve done everything possible to make the shop work. Imagine their surprise when Lizzy’s father turns up dead unexpectedly. Who’s caused his demise, they wonder? How ever will they catch him?

While I’ve come into this series via the third book, I’ve enjoyed every minute of the journey. You can bet I’ll be diving into books 1 and 2 soon enough. I found myself immersed in the story from the moment I began reading. Barbara has a way with words. So much so, that you find yourself following the characters are every turn, discovering every little secret right alongside them.

I love the camaraderie that exists between Olive and Lizzy. The best of friends, they complement each other in so many ways, while also playing down on their weaknesses. These girls know each other, in and out. They aren’t afraid to point out flaws in the hopes of bettering themselves.

Presented with the untimely demise of Lizzy’s father, the girls must do everything possible to find out who’s committed the wretched act in the hopes of putting them behind bars, once and for all. Doing so is no easy feat either. Anyone could be the culprit. If you like cozy mysteries, this is a series you’ll definitely enjoy. I know I am. Totally recommend it.

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Glossy Lips – Smokey Eyes Book 1 2

A small selection of other books by Barbara Silkstone

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About Barbara Silkstone

Barbara Silkstone’s most current series is COLD CREAM MURDERS ~ GLOSSY LIPS, SMOKEY EYES, and coming soon: SOAP ON A ROPE. This series will have at least 6 books when complete. The adventures take place in the imaginary burg of Starfish Cove, Florida ~ a place near and dear to Silkstone’s hometown of Redington Beach on the Gulf of Mexico just north of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Barbara currently lives in Central Florida with her eccentric kitty who adores Liam Neeson and chasing lizards (the cat, not Barbara) 🙂

Recent series: Florence Nightingale Comedy Mysteries…THE GIGGLING CORPSE, THE KILLER CORSET, and THE CHEEKY CORONER. Victorian cozies.

Silkstone is the best-selling author of both Regency Pride and Prejudice variations, including the popular the MISTER DARCY SERIES OF COMEDIC MYSTERIES ~ PRIDE AND PREJUDICE contemporary variations. All her books are light-hearted adventures based on Jane Austen’s timeless tales of love denied and love discovered. “Feel good” tales to warm your heart.

She is also the author of the Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery series. Five coffee-snorting tales that combine Cozy with outrageous adventures.

Plus a mixed bag of standalone cozy comedy mysteries: Zo White and the Seven Morphs, Cold Case Morphs, The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland … and more.

Connect to Barbara Silkstone


Thank you for dropping in today and it would be great if you would spread the news about Barbara’s new book. Thanks Sally.

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