What’s the point of blogging?

If you are a blogger then you will want to read Sue Vincent’s post on how it has impacted her life since she began her blog 8 years and a million views (or so) ago.. Once you read through I am sure you too will appreciate all that this form of writing has to offer…#recommended

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Blogging is a commitment… it takes time, energy and work to produce a respectable blog. What starts as a free site often begins to cost money and, every so often, you will wonder whether or not the returns are worth the effort.

A lot depends upon what you want from blogging. It may simply be a place to air your personal views, share your creative work. You may want to make money from blogging and have found that is not as easy as it may seem. It may be an author platform where you can engage with readers, or it may support a cause. What ‘returns’ might you get from blogging, and are they really worth the effort?

Eight years ago, I tentatively set up a WordPress blog, just to see if I could work out how to do it. I had no idea what blogging was about… or why…

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21 thoughts on “What’s the point of blogging?

  1. It is everything you note above, plus, an alternative way to let others know I am still alive.

    Seriously, if I don’t post something daily, I get phone calls and messages on Facebook asking if I am OK. Since I lhave medical issues and live alone with Andy and Dougy, my two Persian kitty brothers, this is a valuable service!

    Another reason I blog is to do something mentally stimulating other than crossword puzzles.

    Composing text to go along with photos of the cats being cats may not seem exceptionally challenging, yet capturing both the activities of the cats in photos others find interesting and in text that is mildly humorous seems to be what the people who follow my blog want.

    Ye gods know there are more than enough cat blogs on the Internet, so posting something about cats that anyone actually enjoys viewing is a challenge I enjoy.

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    • I would be bored to tears if I didn’t blog or write.. and my connections around the world are gift enough to be honest. When you have your nose to the grindstone working for someone else… you have little time to make connections outside of your immediate circle..I love the fact I can chat to Debby in Toronto at one time of the day and Carol in Thailand another.. Glad you enjoy.. and thanks for commenting.. Sally

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    • I could have gone on… ( and on…) about the benefits of blogging. I know what you mean too… ill for a few days, I didn’t answer comments and ended up with a barrage of emails, which is beautiful. For anyone who wonders if what they do matters at all to anyone else, that kind of thing is a real gift.

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      • Once again, exactly! When I hit a level where WordPress determined I needed to pay them $300 a year for the privilege of using their site, I had to re-evaluate why I continue the blog. I make virtually no money from the site – I allow advertisements, and in three years have less than $70 of income from that, As a retiree, that $300 is an extravagance! I may still have to end the postings because of that fee, then what?! The kitty boys’ fans will be disappointede, yet one has to recognize one’s limits.


      • I have stayed with the free site.. that may of course change in the future but I hope that I can keep it that way.. it still enables me to promote my books and other authors. I know a couple of people who have moved back to a free site and their posts and followers have gone with them but am not sure of all the details.. but perhaps something you could explore.


      • I think what people do is start a new site with either a new name or something as simple as (in my case) adding a “2” after the known name. I’ve considered switching to the tagline “Surviving retirement with two cats” with “weggieboy’s blog”. Since I’m not especially sure most people signed up even follow the posts daily or occasionally, losing the deadweight and commercial accounts that foillowed on the hope I’d follow back would slough off. I may still do that. That business level is a back breaker for someone who isn’t an entrepeneur or inclined to learn to be. I’ve had coffee mugs, business cards, greeting cards, and a few other items made for personal use or gifts that feature the kitty boys, but I have no interest in going commercial with them.

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      • I went premium. ..but if they push me to go business, I won’t be able to do it. I don’t allow ads and don’t sell direct either, so the site generates no income.

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      • I could sell Andy and Dougy mugs, shopping bags, t-shirts, etc., but that isn’t why I blog. I do have some items made up for my own use of to give friends who have helped me in past by caring for the kitty boys when I was in hospital, then therapy for several weeks. People get pretty attached to them, they are such sweeties!

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