Eat Smart, Eat Healthy…No More Diets…I did it!

Absolutely fantastic and congratulations to Carol Taylor for her stunning and healthy weigh loss of  37lbs 2stone 9lbs 16.78kilos… she is now back in the 10 stone range and is delighted and deservedly so. She shares how she achieved this steady and healthy weight loss plus of course a wonderful recipe for mango curry with Indian spices..  Please follow the link to read the rest of the post.. thanks Sally


Eat Smart, Eat Healthy…No More Diets…I did it!

I so just did it nearly there but going the right way…

My first Eat Smart, Eat Healthy was way back in November 2018…I have covered many topics over those 29 weeks and I am so chuffed (pleased) to tell you that for the first time in about 40 years I can say I am in the 10 stone range…I am so very chuffed It has sometimes been a bit hard but I was determined that I was not going to follow a diet but eat healthily and exercise more…

Overall my loss in 29 weeks is 2st 9lb...or 16.78 kilos or 37 lbs… How have I done it? I will tell you…

Firstly I do follow intermittent fasting ( which suits me ) you can’t eat while you are asleep, can you? Haha…

For example, I try not to eat after 7pm or before 11am… I find this easy to do now it was a little hard when I first started but my tummy has now got into the swing of it and I don’t feel hungry at all…Intermittent fasting does not mean that you cannot drink you can also have a snack as long as it is less than 50 calories…

My drinks of choice are either Green Tea, Rosella Tea, Butterfly Pea Tea or ginger tea…I just swap and change them depending on how I feel or what I fancy or I may just drink plain water…I do have some Kombucha brewing so once that is ready that will be added to my list of drinks…

This post will go into more depth about intermittent fasting…No hard and fast rules you decide on the best time and days for you…


Head over to find out more…thanks Sally

via Eat Smart, Eat Healthy…No More Diets…I did it!

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