Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #Potluck – #Recipes – Grandma’s Cooking In The Kitchen! A Staten Island Restaurant Hires Unique Cooks – The World’s Nonnas! by John Rieber.

Welcome to the series  Posts from Your Archives, where bloggers put their trust in me. In this series, I dive into a blogger’s archives and select four posts to share here to my audience.

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Time to welcome another regular contributor to the Archive series John Rieber.. this time I am going to be selecting the posts from his extensive archive..This week a restaurant with a difference.. and if you remember your grandmother’s cooking.. you will want to eat at this restaurant.

Recipes – Grandma’s Cooking In The Kitchen! A Staten Island Restaurant Hires Unique Cooks – The World’s Nonnas! by John Rieber.

Nonna’s In The Kitchen!

As a foodie, I love this story: a great restaurant on Staten Island has hired Grandmas from all around the world to cook for him – and keep their family recipes alive for generations to come!

Bravo Jody Scarvella, Owner Of Enoteca Maria On Staten Island!

According to a great story from CBS New York:

A restaurant kitchen staffed by grandmas was the vision of Jody Scaravella, who opened Enoteca Maria in 2007. At first, he hired exclusively Italian nonnas, filling a personal void left by his own late grandmother.

The story goes on to add:

Over time, he began to invite additional grandmothers from around the world to take turns cooking the foods they grew up with. Today, countries from Japan to Algeria are represented in the kitchen on a rotating schedule.

“You have two grandmothers every day,” Scaravella explained. “You always have an Italian nonna, and every day, the featured kitchen changes.”

A “Nonnas of the World” calendar assigns each grandmother a monthly date in the kitchen. “Sometimes people call, and they want to know when the Greek nonna’s cooking,” he said. “But some people enjoy the surprise.”

And yes, you can get the cookbook with these classic family recipes!

Here is a link to the story, which includes a great video interview with one of the “Grandma Chefs”!:

I love this story – keeping family recipes alive and letting these Nonnas, who have raised their families with longtime family recipes, take over the kitchen…terrific – I would love to go to this restaurant!

Sounds like an amazing place to eat and you can find more about recipes and restaurants in this directory: John Rieber -Restaurants and Recipes

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  1. High five me, Sally – I too love Italian food…All that pasta and wonderful sauces! Sounds a great place. Thanks for that. H and I were on Staten Island around 1957….I’m sure it is vastly different now. Hugs xx

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