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Today I am sharing the second post from the archives of Marian Wood and her blog Just Muddling Through Life Marian has been blogging since October 2018 and posts about family life, writing, fiction and poetry…for her second post I have chosen a short story…..

Short Story – Money, a row, a walk and a tight situation by Marian Wood

Where was I? My head was thudding. Laying there I tried to remember what had happened. The sound of a radio and an engine made me realise that I was in a car boot. My memory of the night’s events was a blur. After a row with the waste of space boyfriend Jamie, I had stormed out with the grand intention of walking home. He had been shouting after me and I had ignored his screams, the case of Candy knows best. Well, tonight she didn’t. Tonight, was stupid! What was I thinking? My mouth felt dry and I felt clammy. Shivering I longed for my comfortable blanket on my bed at home. Sighing heavily and now feeling the tears running down my face I knew this was not going to end well. Jamie wasn’t all bad, he had refused to pitch in once again for pizza. He has a job so he has the money to pay his share. Doesn’t have to forever sponge off Candy the doormat. So, what now? being driven to god knows where and I haven’t got a clue why.

* * * *

Reaching for another beer, Jamie heard his phone beep. Tutting he grabbed it, hoping she had regretted walking off. Hey, who really could resist Jamie with his magic hands? Reading the message, he felt chills. ‘Come to the lake or the girl gets it’.

A few nights earlier he had been sat in ‘The Royal Oak’ when mad Freddie had come in demanding his money. He knew that borrowing from a Lone Shark was a mug’s game but he had needed it urgently. Not having his money had not gone down well. He realised that he should have taken his threats seriously. Freddie had a reputation for the insane and now he had Candy. They had been together just under a year now. Candy knew that he was not perfect but she was not aware of his debts. Had she known she might have been more understanding over the pizza tonight. If she hadn’t stormed out then she would not be in this mess now. They would both be safely sat on his settee.

Freddie wanted his money and he knew that he wouldn’t stop hounding him until he paid him back with interest. Having tried all the banks, there was no one who would help.

* * * *

Lying in the darkness, I could not stop shaking. I could no longer feel my legs and my heart was racing. Why had I been captured? Listening to the sounds outside I could hear voices and then footsteps.

“What you done Freddie? Why the girl?”

“You know soft lad will do anything for her. He needs to produce my money or else”

“And what if he goes to the cops? What then?

“Oh calm down, Jez, he won’t, he’ll have my money somewhere or he’ll get it”.

“I do hope you’re right, kidnap is not our thing, money is.”

“Jez, this is ten grand we are down right now, he needs to cough up. If the only way to make him is to take his girl, then that’s what we have to do.”

“Well I do hope you’re right, the last thing we need here is coppers”.

“I’m right, you’ll see.”

Listening and taking in every word, at least I knew now why he hadn’t helped pay for the pizza. If only he had told me, rather then going to this lunatic. Wondering how much debt he was in, I realised that actually he really didn’t have that money. If he had he would have paid his share tonight. Reaching into my pocket for my phone, I found it missing. How long had I been out for? It was now I started praying. I have always believed in God, but I don’t go to church and I rarely talk to him. Now I needed a miracle. Hoping that he would forgive me for ignoring him for so long, I started to recite, “please God, please help me, please God, please help me.”

Becoming breathless I now became aware of the lack of air. Could car boots become airtight? It seemed this one was, meaning I needed to be let out soon. “Please God, please let me out, please God, please let me out”. Listening once more for voices, all I could hear was silence. Where would this nightmare end?

* * * *

Putting down his phone, Jamie realised he had exhausted all avenues. His only option now was the police or Candy’s parents. He had already spoken to his and received a rude response. What could he say to Candy’s dad, he knew he had no choice. Dialling their number a cheerful voice answered the phone,


“Hi Wendy, could I please speak with Paul?”

“Of course dear,” she put the handset down and he could hear her calling him.

“Hi Jamie, what’s happened?”

“Very sorry Sir, but errr, hmmm, I need to borrow ten grand, err Candy has been kidnapped and I need to pay the loan shark to get her back.”

Paul Hickley was often calm in a crisis and this was no exception. Jamie was not really sure what his job was but he knew it was something important.

“Where are they holding her?”

“The lake sir.”

“Right, I will come and get you and we’ll go together”

Putting down the phone, Jamie hoped that he had done the right thing. Ten minutes later he saw Paul outside. Racing out, slamming the door behind him, Jamie asked,

“Do you have the money?”

“Yes, son.”

Jamie knew not to ask again. It felt like hours later when they pulled up at the lake.

* * * *

It was now that I heard voices, an exchange of words. Hearing my dad, I was shocked what was Jamie playing at? I now heard footsteps then air flooded my hiding place, Jamie dragged me out and told me to get in my dad’s car. It was now that all hell broke loose, first the men realised my dad had given them a bag of paper and then sirens were heard and the police appeared.

This is a night none of us will forget, my dad was the hero and my mum had called the police. As for Jamie my dad has gone through his finances and worked out a payment plan. The loan sharks are safe with the police. Finding myself struggling to breathe in an airtight boot is something I will be retelling for the rest of my life. As for Jamie, no more credit and sensible spending from that day onwards.

©Marian Wood 2019

About Marian Wood

I am Marian I am a married working mum, living in Kent, UK with two brilliant young children. I am not a very confident person and I am often down on myself. I get very stressed with work and family life, often struggling to relax and rest.

I started my blog because despite a few issues with my grammar I enjoy writing and I love reading. I have begun to write my first novel, but after writing about 29000 words I am a bit stuck. I do realise I need to get back to it and just write.

My husband and my children are my world. This blog tells our story of our ups and downs and also some of my creative writing.

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My thanks to Marian for permitting me to delve into her archives to share with you…I hope you will head over and enjoy reading them for yourselves.. thanks Sally

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