Eat Smart! Eat Healthily! Recipes, Wacky Diets…

The weekly look at healthy eating from Carol Taylor… the impact of giving up alcohol on your body including weight loss, the ludicrous claims on the diet industry including one really whacky and expensive waste of time, and another wonderful Thai salad… Squid… #recommended

Retired? No one told me!

Interestingly I was reading an article from a news journalist who had given up alcohol and watched the pounds slip away just by eating moderately and increasing her exercise a little…It was pretty much what I have been saying as I have shared my Healthy eating plan with you…Although my son who has returned after a few months back in the Uk commented that I looked like I needed to eat a nice burger…haha…and was also overjoyed that the lovely bottle of Tanqueray Gin he bought me ( one) of my favourite tipples…meant as I was abstaining meant he could partake…Although I did enjoy one sundowner yesterday evening…

gin tonic

Followed by the remains of the Chicken Chettinad masala I had previously made and a little piece of nan bread.

Today I will be doing 10,000 steps as over the last few days we have been out and about and eaten out…Time…

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