Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – D.G. Kaye finds another Gem – This husky is not leaving the dog park

Debby Gies has been scanning the airwaves for videos to share… here are some more that she has come across.. ..D.G. Kaye Writer Blog is where you will find an archive full of wonderful posts across several subjects including writing tips, social issues and book reviews.

Debby has found a husky who is very vocal about leaving the dog park.. thanks to

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Thanks to Debby for finding another gem.. I hope you have enjoyed… thanks Sally

22 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – D.G. Kaye finds another Gem – This husky is not leaving the dog park

  1. Just what I used to have to do with my toddler son when he didn’t want to go in his pushchair. I’d pick him up and he’d arch his back and his whole body would stiffen. What joy it was with the public looking on ….

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  2. Lol Sal, you gotta smile. Reminds me of my youngest brother when we were young taken to the toy store with my grandfather and my brother threw a tantrum on the floor when he couldn’t have the toy he wanted. My grandfather got in the car and told him he was leaving him in the store. I was very protective of my little brother and told my grandfather he can leave if he wants but I was going to stay with my little 4 year old brother. Eventually, I buttered him up and got him in the car. ❤

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  3. Ha-ha! Reminds me of my old black lab, Smokey. He was the gentlest and most lovable dog, but if he jumped into the back of our station wagon or pickup, he expected to go somewhere. That was the only time in his life when he growled at anyone.

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  4. So funny! I take my (recently adopted) dog to the dog park 3-5 times a week, and am beginning to understand the dog park culture. On Tuesday I took my 7-year old niece with us, around noon. Although the off-leash dog park is shady, it was a bit hot and there was only one other dog there – a large, sweet husky with a tase that read “Bruce”. The husky seemed tired and did not care to play with my dog, but loved pets and snuggles from we humans.

    Bruce’s owner was a sweet gentleman of about 80. He was sitting in his air-conditioned car outside the fenced park, something I didn’t quite understand at first. As we were leaving, he asked if we would mind bringing my dog back to the park entrance so that Bruce the Husky would walk to the gate to say goodbye to her. He explained that Bruce did not ever like to leave the dog park, and was too big and strong for him man to lift or try to drag him out of the park. As we were leaving, Bruce allowed his companion to leash him, and he hopped right up in the back of the car. The man told us that the dog belonged to his great-granddaughter, who was in the military, stationed in Hawaii, and that Bruce had been living with him for four years. “Come to think of it, I guess Bruce is mine now” he mused with a smile. 🙂

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