Author of the Week

I was delighted to be invited to participate in Patty Fletcher’s new series Author of the Week.  I hope you enjoy my interview by following the link and Patty is looking for other guests to join her, either with an essay incorporating her questions, or with responses to them.

Author of the Week


Hello everyone.

A week or so ago, I reached out to a few fellow blogger authors I follow and asked if they’d participate in my new guest author posts column, and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten some great responses. It gives me great pleasure to share with you the following guest post from author Sally Cronin.

Sally CroninThank you so much, Patty, for inviting me over to talk about myself and my life. And thank you for such interesting prompts to get me thinking…..

Perhaps I can set the scene by briefly telling you how I got to this point in my life. My father was in the Royal Navy and we travelled around the world until I was fourteen years old before we settled back in the south of England. There have been a few hiccups in my personal life but in 1980 I met and married a wonderful man, in six weeks. They said it would never last, but it has and thank goodness he was not looking for a perfect woman!  I had an amazing career the hotel, retail and telecommunications industries but decided to train as a nutritional therapist 20 years ago. Apart from working for myself, this enabled me to return to one of my first ambitions of being a writer. I published my first book in 1999 and have 11 others on the shelves currently. I discovered blogging in 2013, and today I find myself in front of the screen for far too many hours a day doing something I love.

We have spent the last 39 years moving around from country to country for work. We lived in the USA for two years in 1985 and travelled around the country in our spare time to take full advantage of our time there. We lived and worked in London for nine years and stints in other parts of the country before two years in Brussels, three years in Ireland and then seventeen years in Madrid. We now live back in Ireland on the Wexford Coast and have been here for three years. We are about 40 minutes from Wexford and an hour from the centre of Dublin which is handy for both airport and ferries.  We bought a ‘doer upper’ which needed a lot more ‘doing up’ than we expected. But it is now almost ready to sell to some family looking for a lovely home, and we will head off to another part of the coast to the south. A smaller house, with less to do, and with a sea view, she says hopefully!

The most important person in my life is my husband, David, especially as for most of the last forty years we have lived abroad and away from our families… On my side, I have two older sisters and a younger brother and their children and they live in the UK. David has a lot of family here which is great, and a third generation is now growing up which is lovely to see.


Please head over and read the rest of the post… you never know.. if you thought you knew me… you might find out something new.. thanks Sally


via Author of the Week

43 thoughts on “Author of the Week

  1. Hi Sally.
    Was such an honor to have you in campbellsworld. I’ve followed, admired and enjoyed you and your blog for many years.
    I hope others who follow and read you will reach out to me. I’d be delighted to have more guests.
    My blog features a variety of topics, and all are welcome.
    Thanks again.

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      • Hi Sally and all.

        Not long ago I was rereading for the zillionth time Stephen King’s book “On Writing” And somewhere within he was talking about the various questions readers had asked. Well, this set me thinking, and I started thinking about the kinds of things I would ask my favorite authors if I could sit down with them over coffee, tea, wine, preferably wine, LOL, what have you, and pretty soon I had a whole list running round in my head.

        Well, I use these questions to interview my clients to introduce them to my readers over these last few months and then I thought…

        (Yeah I know. Causing heatwaves and stuff)


        Anyhow, I thought, why not offer this to guest bloggers? I just never dreamed it would have such an incredible response.

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    • Yes, an interesting life indeed.

      I think one of my most favorite parts of this Essay was how Sally dealt with the negative portions of her life by saying that she’d had a few “Hiccups” but she didn’t dwell on that.

      That is how I like to deal with the things that have gone wrong in my life now. I find that if one finds a way to find the positives within the negatives of their life they will find that they have many more positive experiences than negative ones.

      This took me a long time to learn, and one of the main things which lead me in that direction was finding Sally’s blog and beginning reading her regularly.

      I learned by her example. That’s another thing I like. She doesn’t preach, but rather lets the example of her life shine and one can, if they pay attention to her stories both real and imaginary learn many valuable life lessons and use that which they learn for the betterment of their own life.

      This has over the years inspired me to try and use my writing as a way to help others by relating my own experiences in a more positive way.

      It is these things which I speak of here that lead me to choose Sally as the first to be in my guest postings.

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      • Thank you Patty for accrediting me with something that you have done all yourself. You have my outmost respect and I have no idea how I would cope in this modern world with its technology without my sight. You are independent, you support and guide other sight impaired authors and now you are reaching out to showcase other author’s work. You are right, people do respond better to positivity but that is not to say that the challenges that you have faced are not recognised or appreciated.. You are doing an amazing job and if I have in some way assisted in that, then I am honoured… hugs Sally.


      • Hi Sally.

        Though it might seem as though it would be a monumental task, I’ve no doubt, that if you were faced with being sight impaired, you’d adapt.

        Some blind persons get upset when others say things like, “I don’t see how you do…” Or, “That’s amazing.” And all the other things that are said to us, but I know those things for what they are. People who have always had their full sight cannot possibly imagine or comprehend in any sort of way what it would be like to navigate in this world which is geared mainly for those who have all their senses firmly in place without their sight, hearing, or whatever sense happens to be missing for the person they refer to with such comments. So to them it is quite amazing when they see me doing that which I do.


        It is like any other challenge presented to us in life. We simply have to figure it out as we go along, do the best we have with what we have, and try whenever possible to make it a bit better for not only those around us at the time but also for those yet to come.

        I appreciate your kind words, and I do enjoy my life quite nicely.

        I wasn’t always the person you see before you now, but who among us is?

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