Kindlepreneur- Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

If you are an author on Amazon then you should read this guest post from Andrew Joyce on how to maximise your sales… Book marketing is tough enough without taking full advantage of other’s experience and success stories… head over to The Story Reading Ape and make the most of this post.

You would think that after ten years in the writing racket I’d know a little more than I do. Well, then you’d be wrong. Every day is a learning experience. That’s why I’m such an avid fan of The Story Reading Ape, or, as he is affectionately known to his peers, Mr. Ape. Not a day goes by that he does not enlighten us with articles on the many ins-and-outs of self-publishing. Sometimes he’ll even throw in a chuckle or two by posting pictures of cats (ya’all know what I’m talkin’ about).

Anyway, I’m here today to tell you about a few things I recently learned that are going to help me sell more books going forward. Some of the things were known to me, but I was too lazy to delve into them (i.e., research them). Others came as a complete surprise. I’ll tell you what they are and provide links so you can get the particulars. Hey, I can’t do all the work! As mentioned above, I’m an indolent sort.

I’m going to talk about selling books on Amazon because they are the 800-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to selling books. So let’s get to it. Did you know there are things you can do before you even start writing your book that will help sales? Such as using trigger words for your title, subtitle, and book description.


Head over to get the full benefit of the post.

via Kindlepreneur- Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

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