Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update #Reviews – Laura M. Baird, Rachele Baker DVM, and Jacquie Biggar.

Welcome to the first of the author updates for the week where I share recent reviews for books on the shelves of the cafe and bookstore.

The first author with a recent review is Laura M. Baird for her March 2019 release Sights on Her (Shifter Clans Book Two)

About the book

Hawk shifter, Brennon Underhill is on a mission to shut down rogue labs and take down those responsible for experimenting with humans and shifters. A startling connection ignites within him after one look at Mikki, the only survivor of horrific deeds, and he knows he’ll do anything to save her and make her his.

One moment Mikki Babineaux is celebrating with friends, the next she realizes she’s been kidnapped and put through torture. Her savior comes in the hulking form of a gorgeous stranger named Brennon who sparks decadent desires. But learning he’s a shifter, and she may now be one as well, throws her world into a tailspin.

Can they rise above the chaos to find love and balance with one another?

A recent review for the book

This was a really great Shifter story. First of all, it avoided the “magical hunk/hottie” troupe. The main Male protagonist, Brennon, 🤤🤤🤤, is a Native and a hawk shifter. He and his friend, Max, a wolf shifter (not a werewolf) , are sent on a mission to find out what experiments a mad scientist is up to. They find a lab and within it, a beautiful African American woman is being held against her will. From the moment Mikki’s eyes meet Brennon’s, he knows that he can’t live without her. She feels the same way but can’t figure out why🤔🤔🤔… The attraction is there but that’s not the only thing the story has to offer.

Featuring a strong plot within a short story, we followed a strong woman as she journeyed to find out exactly what happened to her at that lab, with love of her life at her side. Brennon and Mikki’s romance moves quickly, fueled by her newfound senses and his heavily bridled (he doesn’t want to scare her) passion. If you’ve read the first book, In His Sights, then they’ll be some delightful ‘closure’ elements that you’ll be sure to enjoy. An overall good read, I loved that science ruled so much of it and not magic. The only draw backs for this book are that there is ‘language’ through out (but not gratuitously so) and 3 love scenes. If you just enjoy romance and not love scenes, (like us), the author was kind enough to place them all towards end so they are easily skippable without missing key parts of the story.

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A selection of other books by Laura M. Baird

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The next book with a recent review is Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy by Rachele Baker, DVM. Our pet’s health is as important as our own.

About Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Did you know? That if you feed large breed puppies diets other than those formulated and labeled specifically for “Large Breed” puppies that they can develop bone and joint problems? Learn more in Chapter 1: The Best Nutrition For Dogs and Puppies.

Do you know the proper way to clean your dog’s ears? Keeping your dog’s ears clean can help to prevent recurrent ear infections. Chapter 6: Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean walks you through the steps to properly clean your dog’s ears and gives recommendations for high quality ear cleaners for dogs.

Buyer Beware. The term “Holistic” on dog food labels is not legally defined or regulated by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Read more in Chapter 1.

Does your dog constantly pull on the leash on walks? You will appreciate the tips in Chapter 2 – Part 2: Fun Exercise Options For Your Dog.

Do you know how to determine if your dog is overweight?  Learn more in Chapter 2 – Part 1: Keeping Your Dog At A Healthy Weight.

Even people who have had dogs for years will be sure to learn something new in this fabulous book by veterinarian Dr. Rachele Baker. Get yours today!

One of the recent reviews for the book

New dog owner? This book, written by a veterinarian, will help you get off to a good start quickly. Does not cover much about dog training, but most dog training books don’t cover feeding, shots, and other parts of dog care. So if this is your first dog, you probably need two books, one about care, and one about training.

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The final recent review today is for Skating on Thin Ice by USA Today Bestselling author Jacquie Biggar.

About Skating on Thin Ice

Sam Walters has made a deal with the devil.

In order to win a much-needed contract as physical therapist to one of the NHL’s leading hockey teams, Sam must delay the recovery of their sniper, Mac Wanowski. The trouble is, the more she gets to know the taciturn hockey player, the more she aches to help him.

Mac ‘The Hammer’ Wanowski chased the Stanley Cup dream for too many years. Last time he was close it had cost him his wife. As injuries continue to plague the team, Mac works to catch a killer and keep the woman he’s come to love from the hands of a madman.

Hockey can be a dangerous sport, especially when millions of dollars are at stake.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Mac Wanowski is the perfect hero, an imperfect man who rises above his grief to win the day and more importantly the heroine’s heart. Mac and Sam’s easy banter and complicated pasts kept me hoping they’d find their happily-ever-after but also worried they might not. Skating on Thin Ice has everything a reader could hope for and more. I loved the fast-paced action, high-stakes intrigue, and the vividly described settings of a big-league hockey rink and a remote mountain home made even more secluded and inaccessible by snowstorms.

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A selection of other books by Jacquie Biggar

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Thank you for visiting today and I hope you are leaving with some books under your arm… thanks Sally.


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  1. A nice collection of authors and reviews. I’ve read several of Jacquie’s books (2 just last month), and they’re always a treat. Congrats to all the authors and best wishes for many more stellar reviews!

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