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An entertaining and useful post from Pete Springer about the joys of having class pets (the fur kind). Rats are not long lived, and along with the fun and joy, comes the inevitable passing after a short number of years.. how to deal with this situation.. head over to Pete’s to find the solution. #recommended

Pete Springer

Who could resist that face?

I recently enjoyed reading writer Janet Gogerty’s entertaining post entitled Llamas and Labradoodles on Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine.

thoughts got me thinking about my own experiences with animals when I was an
elementary teacher in California. Many
years my students had the joy of caring for animals in our classroom. (I taught thirty-one years in grades 2-6.)

I was rummaging around in the garage the other day (anything to distract me from my current project of painting the interior of the house) and came across the twin-level cage that was the home for many of the rats we raised.  It is now rusty and showing wear, but at the time I felt like our rats had it pretty good—as good as rats can have it.

My classroom rat cage.

Not only was
it fun to have a class pet, but the…

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