Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – Cruise ships, Italian Cookery, Weights and Measures and a Badger in the Rose Garden!

Welcome to the round up of posts on Smorgasbord you might have missed this week.

Eureka!  The back garden ground works are completed and the side gate has been attached to the house again. It looks so much better and David is now levelling the rest of the garden which was very deeply sloped. This involves stainless steel cages about four foot in length, filled with stones to form a platform for the top soil.. when they arrived from Germany, and the first one was assembled, I did have a moment of wondering if this was my punishment for over using the debit card!  Then I saw there were several others which was a relief…

One final job is to install a new fence between our house and our neighbours and across to the hedge to enclose the back garden. Even though we have electronic gates we are sure that the next owners are likely to be a family and we wanted to provide a safe and secure place for them to play. Also if they have a dog it too is secure with plenty of space.

Not sure we will be completely finished by the end of the summer as so much is weather dependent.. but certainly by next spring when the next house selling season comes around we shall be. We are currently exploring the coastline further south and to the west looking for our next home, with a sea view.. and dare I say, less to do!


One of the ways I try to support people on Twitter is retweeting their pinned tweet when they follow me, and also to zip around regularly to my friends to share their pinned tweet too. There are still quite a few people who are not taking advantage of this additional promotional feature that extends your profile of 160 characters by another 280 characters.

I currently use my pinned tweet to promote my Cafe and Bookstore and it is the first thing new followers see when they visit my account. And it is also usually the first thing that they will retweet out to their own followers.. I do change from time to time. If I have a new book that has been released, or a new series beginning.

It is very easy to use.. Prepare your tweet – edit it so that you are getting the maximum bang for your 280 characters..

  1. What are you promoting?
  2. If it is a book, what are the key words you should be including… along with one or two relevant #hashtags #Romance #Thriller #offer  etc.
  3. Have you removed unnecessary words such as that, and etc and used commas instead.
  4. Would it sell the book to you.
  5. Perhaps you are a blogger looking for guest posts.. what can you offer those submitting and what do you need from them.
  6. You might have a post that you particularly want to promote – don’t forget to add a couple of # and think of a way to hook them that encourages them to read your post.

Once the tweet is edited… next step – easy as 1,2, and 3

  1. Click on the downward facing arrow to the top right of your tweet.
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I am always very happy to share your tweets… pinned or otherwise but if you would like to tag me when you change your pinned tweet next time.. @sgc58… I will be delighted to share.

Time to get on with this week’s posts you might have missed….

My thanks as always to the contributors, guests and to you for dropping in this week.. you keep me motivated.

Last time Debby Gies (D. G. Kaye) shared some important information on cruise lines, the various standards of cabins available, and the best place on the ship to be if the weather is a bit choppy.  Here is the link to Part One

With our global obsession with food and recipes, it can sometimes get a little confusing with measurements and the differing names for the foods we are familiar with. This week Carol Taylor clarifies a few things for us. Cooking terms, weight conversions and foods names

A wonderful multi-coloured appetizer or light meal from Silvia Todesco in this month’s Italian Cookery post..


My guest this week is Debby Gies D.G. Kaye talking about her heightened 6th sense, which has forewarned her on a number of times about coming events.

On centre stage this week……

As the night drew to an end, the lights dimmed and the music changed tempo from the rock ‘n’ roll to a more romantic vibe… the oldies were placed on the turntable and we were chaperoned..loosely by the likes of Frank Sinatra… Ole Blue Eyes himself. Who conveniently looked away from any shenanigans going on…. Here are some of my favourites.

Time of the week to respond to Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 135 and this week the two prompt words are ‘Pretty and Ugly…. And I have selected the synonyms ‘Fair and Unsightly’ Etheree – Fairy Tales by Sally Cronin

The first of this weekend’s chapters from Tales from the Irish Garden Last week we met the foxes who had been changed from their human form by the evil goblin, the female was the Storyteller’s daughter.  Summer: Chapter Twelve – The Storyteller to the Rescue

The Storyteller arrives for his daily nurturing of his imported roses when he finds the garden in ruins.. and who might be the culprit?  Chapter Thirteen – Trouble in the Rose Garden.

This is the second post from the archives of writer Sherrey Meyer whose blog is titled Life in the Slow Lane. Although Sherrey posted this in the spring of 2018, I am always behind with chores like this, as I am sure are some of you… so no time like the present. Time for Cleaning and Decluttering 2018 by Sherrey Meyer

messy desk, clutter, disorganization

This is the second of the  posts that I have selected from the archives of author Janet Gogerty. We are currently pet less, but certainly the one dog that we did have made a huge pawprint on our lives and did inspire a book all about himself. Do you have a pet that lies across your keyboard or has inspired you to write? Llamas and Labradoodles 2017 by Janet Gogerty

This is the second post from the archives of Laura M. Bailey who blogs on a number of subjects including history, family, horses, Southern lifestyle and cookery. I selected this post as we love frittata or quiche for breakfast… great recipe thank I know you will enjoy. Barefoot In The kitchen: Breakfast For Dinner? 2018 by Laura M. Bailey


This is the second post from the archives of author Stevie Turner who has an extensive and eclectic archives and it is easy to get yourself lost in there for an hour or so. I selected this post from 2016 as I was always fascinated by Eva Peron and her extraordinary life. Haddon Musings’ Feminist Friday – Eva Peron 2016 by Stevie Turner

This is the second post from the archives of children’s author Annabelle Franklin who lives in a lovely part of South Wales. She blogs from the Literate Lurcher.. or perhaps I should say Pearl and Millie do…sadly Millie has now passed on over the rainbow bridge, but as you will see she was a wonderful companion. This post is from 2016 and introduces us to some of the pack. Brother from Another Mother by Annabelle Franklin

No, you’re not seeing double – the one on the left is Tommy, Snip’s new BFF.

This is the second post in this series from the archives of Dolly Aizenman, who not only shares amazing recipes from around the world, but also shares the history behind them. I selected this post from 2016 because I love eggplant or aubergine and always keep an eye open for recipes.  Eggplant Napoleon 2016 by Dolly Aizenman

Eggpl Nap 8.jpg

This is the third post from author Christa Polkinhorn who has been blogging since 2010.. This gave me access to her extensive archives. Christa is also a poet and I fell in love with this particular one that she wrote in 2000 and posted in 2016…The Old Man and his Memories by Christa Polkinhorn

This is the third post from the archives of poet Dorinda Duclos…and for something slightly different, some wonderful photographs from a Wordless Wednesday post in 2016. A Family Affair by Dorinda Duclos

This is the third post from author Marjorie Mallon (M.J Mallon) and this week I have selected one of the over 100 book reviews in her archives from 2015. This book is by another author in the Cafe and Bookstore Nicholas Rossis.. for Runaway Smile.

This is the third post from the archives of a regular contributor to the series and wonderful supporter of us all, apart from challenging us each week with photo and Haiku prompts Sue Vincent wanders the search of the ancient and modern to share with us. This week a post from her Muse and constant companion and contributor to her blog.. Ani. Notes from a small dog – War and peace 2017 by Sue Vincent

This is the third post from Amanda Reilly Sayer and because Amanda has only begun blogging recently, the posts are from 2019. There is plenty to share in poetry, prose and wonderful artwork. I am sure you are going to enjoy. This week I have selected a poem to share with you…Snow Day by Amanda Reilly Sayer

New book on the shelves

Author Updates -Reviews

One of the leading causes of heart attacks in men and increasingly in women is stress. It is a silent killer that lies in wait and pounces when you least expect it. It is not helpful that the stress that we experience is as unique as our own bodies.

Thank you very much for dropping in and all the support that you offer each week, it is much appreciated…

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