Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Poetry Challenge – Photo Prompt #Haibun – Those we leave behind by Sally Cronin

This week there is a change to the usual Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 136 as instead of prompt words, we have a photo prompt… exciting.

#Haibun – Those we leave behind by Sally Cronin

I wait in the shadows of the trees opposite the house. I glimpse movement as the family moves back and forth across the windows. A house of character, substantial and clearly a happy home. Tears run down my face and gather in grief below my chin. I do not have the will to wipe them away. They remind me of another time when I was part of the laughter and happiness. Those that I have left behind have moved on. Do they even remember me? A face appears at the window and stares across the street. A small child with a face that owes much to me, her grandmother. She waves and smiles. Content I fade back into the woods and on to my final destination.

Death is not the end
when we gift a part of us
to those left behind.

©Sally Cronin

I hope you will participate in this week’s photo prompt challenge over at Colleen’s:

Thanks for dropping in and as always your feedback is very welcome.. Sally.



35 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Poetry Challenge – Photo Prompt #Haibun – Those we leave behind by Sally Cronin

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  2. Sally, oh my! This breaks my heart as there are times I visit my Mom when others look lonely. I often stop to hold their hand and say a warm greeting. Mom usually smiles at her neighbors in the memory care, but sometimes she is deep within her memories. I felt the hope and love within the grandmother, receiving a wave Hello. It makes us wonder how she became estranged. . . a great sign of piquing our interest, Sally!

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  4. Reading your poem brought me to tears, Sally. It reminded me of my maternal grandma. I was very close to her and was devastated when she died. I still remember her fondly and speak of her often, especially when my family is together because I don’t want anyone to forget her. A lovely and heartwarming Haibun. ❤ xo

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