Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – Children’s books, Crooners, Cravings and Cartoons.

Welcome to this week’s round up of posts you might have missed on Smorgasbord this week.

I hope that for those of you in North America are getting some respite from the searing heat of the last few days. The weather is certainly unpredictable at the moment although here in Ireland it is usually more so… in fact there is this which sums it up.

Before we get into the posts this week I just want to remind anyone who has a date for when their book is available either on pre-order or recently released, to let me know.  There is still room for more books on the shelves of the Cafe and Bookstore, either from existing authors or new to the promotions.

New Book Promotions in the Cafe and Bookstore

I began helping authors market their books back in 2001 when I was an agent (unpaid but loved the job) for a Canadian self-publisher with offices in Ireland. As I was in Spain at the time, and living between Madrid and Marbella, I was tasked to find new authors amongst the expat community in the south. We got to meet some fantastic writers and help them get their books published. That is when David, who had already formatted two of my books, began helping other authors who were unfamiliar with the software, and long before Amazon offered Kindle or there were other ebook formats available.

In those days with only print copies to market, it was very much more a localised affair, with a great deal of money being spent to put on a physical launch, get the press interested and present, to get follow up pieces published. As with Amazon, print copies could be bought from the self-publishing company at a discount, and they would also have on their website with commission paid to the author.

One author Lucy Wright, published a novel about criminal gang on the Costa del Sol, and we held a book launch in a night club in Puerto Banus. There were a number of ex-cons on the guest list who had offered insights! And with an Elvis impersonator to entertain the crowd, and spicy Indian tapas to eat, we had a riot of an evening. This is me on the left as you look at the photo and Lucy Wright author of Coke on the Rocks.

Here is Lucy with a happy book buyer and Elvis in the background…

We held another book launch in Madrid for a book that David had formatted and designed where the main character of the book was present, including at the dinner after the launch.. on a perch at the end of the table. Carefully watching every mouthful of lamb consumed!

Today things are very different, with print, ebooks and audio available, and there is no doubt that Amazon has now cornered the market in publishing and selling books….however, like most self-publishers they do not market the books for you. In fact some of their practices, such as the removal of perfectly legitimate reviews are anti-marketing.

As an Indie author It is down to you to do the marketing for your book, and I can tell you that there are many authors who are being mainstream published, who are also being told to do their own marketing!

There are a large number of companies and individuals online, who will offer to market your books to a wide audience, anything from a few thousand potential readers to 150,000 or more according to my research. The charges tend to be range from an average of $5 to $50 a day per book, with multiple mentions on social media, allegedly reaching their thousands of followers.

Only the majority of those that I checked had only a much small percentage of claimed followers. They are using accumulative numbers based on retweets or shares, to entice you to part with your money.

5000 followers – 10% retweeting – 500 to their 5000 followers etc, etc.

Buyer beware – double check their figures and only go with a recommended firm that others you know can verify. If in doubt ask them for a trial run of one day for one of your books and if successful you will buy another day!  If they won’t play ball then ask them to give you the names of happy customers that you can ask?

In the meantime…..It might not be as glitzy as a bar in Marbella…..but it will actually reach a great deal more people, around the world, more effectively.

You can be promoted FREE here on Smorgasbord in the Cafe and Bookstore – and all the details are in the post – I do ask that you have a few essential elements in place.. and that you participate.

In 2017 I did a series on media training and marketing for authors based on my experience over the last 18 years, and I will be repeating that throughout August as a reminder of how you can establish yourself online to market your books effectively.

Now time to get on with the round up of this week’s posts.

A rewind of the Literary Column with Jessica Norrie, and in the first post, a reminder of the wonderful books of childhood.

Today Robbie Cheadle shares every mother’s nightmare, when your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and you have to put your trust and their lives in the hands of someone else.

This week I review Broken Heart Attack – Braxton Campus Mysteries Book 2 by James J. Cudney.

This week there is a change to the usual Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 136 as instead of prompt words, we have a photo prompt… exciting.

#Haibun – Those we leave behind by Sally Cronin

Chapter Fourteen – Summer: The Rescue Mission

The Piglet Races

This is the third post from the archives of writer Sherrey Meyer whose blog is titled Life in the Slow Lane. This week I have chosen a post about the preservation of family history, much of which is divulged in conversations with elderly members of the family. It is so important to discover and save this living hisory. Nonfiction Essay with Bonus | 7 Tips for Preserving Family Memories 2014 by Sherrey Meyer

This is the third of the  posts that I have selected from the archives of author Janet Gogerty. This week I have chosen a short story by Janet, which will give you an idea of what you might expect from her collections that are available on Amazon.  Friday Flash Fiction 500 – Biodegradable by Janet Gogerty

This is the third post from the archives of author Stevie Turner who has an extensive and eclectic archives and it is easy to get yourself lost in there for an hour or so. I chose this post because this is where our Brexit journey began. Elections – Casting a Vote 2016 by Stevie Turner


This is the third post from the archives of Laura M. Bailey .This story is a testament to Laura’s fortitude, warrior spirit and her faith… a long road back from this accident. Major Accident – The #Horse Came Back Alone… by Laura M. Bailey


This is the third post in this series from the archives of Dolly Aizenman, who not only shares amazing recipes from around the world, but also shares the history behind them. We recently had some amazingly sweet and juicy peaches… and so this dessert immediately caught my attention…Dessert – Kind of Purple Peach Upside Down Cake by Dolly Aizenman

Upsdwn peach cake 5.jpg

This is the third post from the archives of children’s author Annabelle Franklin who lives in a lovely part of South Wales. In this post Annabelle pays tribute to the dogs who accompany soldiers into war and offer so much more than essential companionship. Mercy Dogs 2014 by Annabelle Franklin

This is the final post from author Christa Polkinhorn who has been blogging since 2010.. This gave me access to her extensive archives. For this final post I am sharing Christa’s visit to Costa Rica in 2018 and if you explore her archives from May 2018 onwards you will find the other posts in the series on her blog Costa Rica, May 2018, Part 1 by Christa Polkinhorn

This is the final post from the archives of poet Dorinda Duclos… and although there is a month or so to go… this is one of my favourite times of year.. celebrated with a poem, Her Signal.

This is the final post from author Marjorie Mallon (M.J Mallon) and this week a post from 2016 and a visit to Glasgow… Glasgow University, Hogwarts and Kelvingrove Park by M. J. Mallon

Image M.J. Mallon

This is the final post from the archives of Sue Vincent who wanders the search of the ancient and modern to share with us. Sue always welcomes guest writers with open arms and here is one from 2018 from another popular blogger and author, Robbie Cheadle.  Living Lore: A nursery rhyme with an interesting history

This is the final post by Bill Hayes who blogs at Matterings of Mind and there is definitely a treasure trove of posts to be found covering many subjects. This week a more recent post and a lovely look back at Miami Beach in 1988 Miami Beach Where Neon Goes to Die 2019 by Bill Hayes


This is the final post from Donna W. Hill who has let me loose in her archives and I am sharing Donna’s post from 2015 on the Equal Rights for Blind Americans, and I would be interested to find out how much progress has been made in the last four years. Equal Rights for Blind Americans? Author Says We’re not There Yet 2015 by Donna W. Hill

Blooming Amarilis with a print copy of The Heart of Applebutter Hill by Donna W. Hill, a fantasy adventure featuring some awesome flowers: photo by Rich Hill.

This is the final post from Amanda Reilly Sayer and there is plenty to share in poetry, prose and wonderful artwork. I am sure you are going to enjoy. This was Amanda’s first post on her blog, and I thought it a great reminder to everyone who is creative about the importance of sharing your work. Why Share Creative Work? by Amanda Reilly Sayer


New book on the shelves

Author update

Last week I looked at the impact on the heart of acute and chronic stress, and some strategies to combat the effects including a link to my breathing exercises.: Heart and Stress Connection

This week I am looking at how including certain nutrients in your diet can support the body and the brain during stressful events.

In this series on the reasons behind our cravings I take a look at Salt and a lack of  trace minerals.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support…I hope you have enjoyed this week’s round up and look forward to seeing you again next week.. Thanks Sally.

31 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – Children’s books, Crooners, Cravings and Cartoons.

  1. thanks for the roundup. Not sure if you follow golf, but it looks like an Irishman is about to win The Open, and it’s being held in Northern Ireland. I’e read that the weather has not been the best.

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  2. Dear Sally, thank you again for featuring “Brother Love – a Crossroad” along with Janice’s review of Atonement, Tennessee. And for the shout out here.
    Thanks for the “buyer beware” marketing tips. Ever now and then someone tells me I “should hire someone to market my books” with absolutely no idea of what the cost is or what is actually done for that fee… I usually get very annoyed by their “should.” It’s a word I hate to begin with…
    However, thank you for all your wonderful, generous help and support. Hugs on the wing.

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  3. Many of us admire your tireless energy, Sally. Your consistency is phenomenal. Everyone can find something of interest at the Smorgasboard.

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