Smorgasbord Summer Music Festival – A little bit Country – Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Anne Murray and Crystal Gayle.

Country music has always been a top ten hit for me. Some of the 1960s songs had some interesting lyrics about life events from lost dogs to D.I.V.O.R.C.E… or P.T.A!

Today and next week, I thought I would share a selection of artists and their songs that I would perform either with my own guitar or with backing track, back in my late teens and 20s.

The first is a wonderful collaboration between the Queen of Country Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers with Islands in the Stream – Uploaded by Stephan Konings

You can buy the track: Amazon

This next song has been on my playlist and also one of the songs that I have performed in my younger days… and still sometimes after a couple of glasses of wine. Crystal Gayle who had numerous hits along with another favourite of mine, Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue.. here is Talking in Your Sleep uploaded by Jack Lim

You can buy the music of Crystal Gayle: Amazon

I learnt to play the guitar so that I could play this song (and others) by the legendary John Denver – Take Me Home Country Roads…uploaded by MrRaymem

Buy music by John Denver: Amazon

The next song is by Anne Murray and is a wonderful end of the evening track… Just Another Woman in Love….uploaded by dmagicofmusic

You can buy Anne Murray’s music: Amazon

Thanks for tuning in today and I hope you have enjoyed this very small selection of country music and keep dancing…Sally.

15 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Summer Music Festival – A little bit Country – Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Anne Murray and Crystal Gayle.

  1. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I was raised on Country music, and although I don’t like all of it, these were all favourites of mine. Anne Murray is a Canadian legend and I have seen Crystal Gail perform. Amazing voices. Thanks!

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  2. Now you’re talking my music genre, Sally! I love ALL of these. I always said if I could have had any female artist’s voice, I would have chosen either Anne Murray or Dottie West. Thanks for sharing!

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