Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts on Smorgasbord that you might have missed.

Short and sweet this week.. well my introduction to the post anyway.. I know for many of you the school holidays have just begun and you may be already on your way to a vacation and just hope your transition by road, rail and air is smoother than it has been for those leaving the UK in the last few days.

My thanks to all those who have contributed this week.. and every week… also to everyone who has liked a post.  I still have that button and when people are busy and cannot comment on all the post that they read, it is a sign of appreciation. Please don’t get rid of the like button on your blog.. it is there for a reason.

Reblogging has become a two step process since the last upgrade, so thank you to those who have gone the extra mile… if you find you cannot reblog a post here or on anybody else’s blog.. refresh the page. I have a sneak suspicion that WordPress are trying to cut down on traffic, and hoping that most people will give up when the reblog button does not work.

Press This.. is a very useful way to share a post. You can add your own introduction and cut and paste an extract from the post as well as schedule for a time ahead.  This is a great way to schedule content for overnight to reach an audience in other time zones, without having to write a post yourself. This is useful if you are too busy that day or week and also promotes another blogger at the same time.

Time to get on with the posts you might have missed this week….

More wonderful recipes from Carol Taylor.. including Chinese Chicken or Pork with Water Chestnuts.. and if you have a glut of cucumbers.. get pickling..

Patty Fletcher shares her experience of the bond between her Seeing Eye Dog Campbell and herself, including when there is something wrong that he cannot communicate.

A miller and his family repay the kindness shown to them in dark days by mice.

Part One of a Halloween Tale about special residents of the Magic Garden….

My fifteen year old niece comes to spend three weeks with us from the UK and we get up to a lot of mischief.

Time of the week to respond to Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 137 and this week the prompt words were Kind and Shift‘ and I have selected the synonyms ‘Genial and Change’

Etheree – To Better Understand by Sally Cronin

Another wonderful prompt and post from Charli Mills for this week’s carrot ranch flash fiction challenge And I do suggest you head over to read about a loon chick who lost its way and the kindness of human strangers determined that it should have a chance to survive. The prompt this week was For One Day’

Retail Therapy by Sally Cronin

This week I have chosen a post by Sherrey Meyer, that I am sure all of us who miss their fathers will relate to.. This was for Father’s Day June 16th 2013 so I am not too far out date wise. Memoir – Remembering Dad 2013 by Sherrey Meyer

Clockwise L-R: Dad sitting at a linotype machine, Dad at 16, and Dad showing me how to use my new tricycle

This is the final post that I have selected from the archives of author Janet Gogerty. In the last few weeks Europe and the UK has been hit by the very hot weather courtesy of North African prevailing winds, and this was last year. Australia Some Like It Hot 2018 by Janet Gogerty


This is the final post from the archives of author Stevie Turner who has an extensive and eclectic archives and it is easy to get yourself lost in there for an hour or so. I have selected this post as it is that time again….school summer holidays…..

This is the final post from the archives of Laura M. Bailey who blogs on a number of subjects including history, family, horses, Southern lifestyle and cookery. With the tinder dry grass that these long hot summers are producing, there is always a risk of a bush or wildfire. Laura shares the terrifying moment she saw a wall of fire heading for their homestead and livestock.


This is the final post from the archives of children’s author Annabelle Franklin who lives in a lovely part of South Wales. She blogs from the Literate Lurcher..or should I say Millie and Pearl do….Millie has sadly passed away now but lives on in the hearts and minds of her pack. Millie goes to Uni 2017 by Annabelle Franklin


This is the final post in this series from the archives of Dolly Aizenman, who not only shares amazing recipes from around the world, but also shares the history behind them. I use a lot of herbs in my cooking and I love animals and the people who rescue and keep them safe….  Saving Animals and Herbs by Dolly Aizenman

Featured Image -- 25575

Ritu Bhathal has an eclectic range of subjects on her blog, and I am going to share a poem that I think will resonate with anyone with teenage children. Of Teen and Tweenage Angst 2018 by Ritu Bhathal

This is the first post from the archives of author Elizabeth Gauffreau who has some wonderful posts, including an interesting look at her genealogy journey, seeking out her family history. This post will strike a chord with many who have, like me got a drawer where previous creative ideas lie waiting for rejuvenation…

This is the first post from retired librarian and author Cathy Cade, who has been blogging since early 2018. She shares posts on a variety of topics, including some excellent grammar tutorials, but  this week I have selected an early post about her writing journey. We often seek other’s opinions on our writing but it can be very daunting putting it out there on a site and invite criticism.  Swimming with Sharks by Cathy Cade


This is the first post for author Chuck Jackson and I have selected a post from last year that I enjoyed very much at the time… Working in a funeral home… A True Story From my Past by Chuck Jackson

Sandra West – Photo – San Antonio Express-News

This is the first of the posts from the archives of author and poet Joy Lennick, although certainly not the first post that we have enjoyed here on Smorgasbord from this entertaining writer. This week Joy shares the wonderful moment she met her husband Eric, who sounds, in her recent posts, not to have lost an ounce of his charm or humour. Thumbnail sketches of the past – 1949 (2014) by Joy Lennick

Linda Bethea is a regular contributor here on Smorgasbord, but this time I get to select the posts from her archives to share with you… I am sure you will enjoy her stories as always. For her post I am going back to 2014 and Linda’s recollections of bringing her new baby home and the ensuing mayhem.. I am sure that many of you can relate! Baby Blues

Author Updates

The start of a series on the digestive system.. beginning in the mouth… a very important place to start.

17 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up

  1. Great roundup, Sally! I have a funny story about the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers song. When it was popular on the radio, I used to sing along, “Islands in the street,” imagining the cement barriers that divided highways or city lanes. 😀 Good thing we have access to lyrics these days!

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