Eat, Sleep, Rule The Galaxy, Repeat

Donna Parker always has something worthwhile to share with us and this post is no different. All our countries are in turmoil currently to one degree or another, either politics or posturing between each other.. We love a bit of drama.. but as Donna points out it distracts us from the real news… excellent and a reminder.. if you don’t like who you have got… get out and vote for one you do…


Our lights are on, but we’re not home.

Our minds are not our own…

Our hearts sweat, our bodies shake.
Another dramafix is what it takes.

We under-sleep, we over-eat/shop/drink/self-medicate/chime in/whine/share/post/tweet… doubt, we’re in deep. throats so tight, we can’t breathe.
The next dramafix is all we need.

Whoa, we like to think that we’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah.
Closer to the truth to say we can’t get enough.

We’re gonna have to face it,’re addicted to dramalove.

We see the signs, but we can’t read (between the lines).
We’re running at a different speed…

Whoa, we like to think that we’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah.

Closer to the truth, we can’t get enough.

Gonna have to face it, we’re addicted to dramalove.

Picture that with Robert Palmer and a bunch of scantily-clad Hashtags gyrating behind him.

Drama is amazing for books, movies…

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8 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Rule The Galaxy, Repeat

  1. So true, Sally, we need to let our voices be heard, especially though voting.
    Thank you kindly for the lovely reblog and delightful words of wisdom and support. 🙂
    You’re too kind, dear Sally and I always appreciate the #bloglove.
    Hope this weekend is filled to the brim with peace, love, laughter and understanding and hopefully (fingers crossed), no drama. 🙂 xoxox

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