Here is piglet by photographer Wayne Barnes of Tofino Photography.. what a wonderful way to end the day looking at these images. and the good news is that you can now buy Wayne’s photography and his friend’s Meron’s images from their new website.. stunning gifts for anyone.. https://www.gotofino.com/tofinogallery/

Tofino Photography

Peggy has a new cub this year,so I’m calling it Piglet III. Its her third cub. I do not know the sex but suspect another female? She was being shy. She was using Peggy’s body as a shield. She eventually came out from behind mum and than she promptly walked into the forest without saying so much as a polite goodbye. Such a short debut!

Such a little darling!

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35 thoughts on “PIGLET III

  1. Wayne’s photos are a joy to view on his blog, and so characteristic they are immediately recognizable elsewhere! He is a truely talented wildlife photographer. His eagle photos are stunningly beautiful, too.

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  2. Adorable. We have bears not that far away. So close to the Pyrennees, they do roam, especially in the winter if they get hungry. However, it is usually the sanglier (wild boars), foxes and wolves that come here. Nearby villages have had occasional wolf sightings in the past few years but I’m not aware of one in my own village. The other animals we are accustomed to. Having lived in and just outside some major cities in my time (including New York), there is nothing like being surrounded by nature.

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