Smorgasbord Summer Music Festival – Get your rock ‘n’ roll boots on with my top five picks..

This week it is time go get your feet tapping and take to the floor for some serious rock ‘n’ roll…I have hundreds of rock songs in the music folders and on tapes, vinyl and CD… and it was tough to just pick five tracks to share with you..

If I had to choose my top bands then Status Quo would definitely be on the list…here is Caroline…I dare you not to tap your feet… uploaded by Mahogany Records

Buy Status Quo:Amazon

Then of course there has to be Queen with a song that gave hope to all well endowed girls in a time of skinny models….  Fat Bottomed Girls…uploaded by  Queen Official

Buy music by Queen: Amazon

Two amazing artists getting together with Tearing us Apart.. Eric Clapton and Tina Turner.. fabulous…I have this on repeat….uploaded by hifi metallic

Buy music by Tina Turner: Amazon    Buy Music by Eric Clapton: Amazon

There would not be a top five without Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark uploaded by Bruce Springsteen

Buy music by Bruce Springsteen: Amazon

And to finish this very short selection of my top picks… Creedence Clearwater Revival with Bad Moon Rising…uploaded by DRIVERATOMIC

Buy music by CCR: Amazon

Thank you for tuning in and I hope it has got your heart pumping and your feet tapping… next week a little more classical…..

31 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Summer Music Festival – Get your rock ‘n’ roll boots on with my top five picks..

  1. Now we’re talking my language. I am unashamedly partial to rock. At least once a week my wife (country is her genre of choice) comes walking by and finds her sixty-year-old husband listening to his favorite rock tunes while typing away on the computer. I feel no shame (in fact I laugh) when she walks away shaking her head wondering how she ended up with an adolescent for a husband.

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  2. Lovely. However, I had my music festival fill this weekend. It is our annual music festival, four nights of music, dancing, food, games, rides in typical French fashion it lasted each night until 5:30 the next morning. A good time was had by all.

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  3. Such a great line-up. CCR is one of my favs. Here is a funny story for you. As a young person, I thought they were singing “There’s a bathroom on the right”. I got a lot of flack for that!!

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