Smorgasbord Posts from your Archives – #Potluck – #Poetry The Speaker’s Ordeal (2016)…by Smitha Vishwanath

This is the second post from the archives of Smitha Vishwanath who shares poetry, wonderful travel posts and life experiences on her blog. I have selected this poem as it brought back memories of all the times I have stood behind a podium to give a presentation or speech…

The Speaker’s Ordeal…by Smitha Vishwanath

This poem is for anybody frightened of public speaking. Preparation, Practise, Perseverance is what all good speakers do. You can too!!!

The room is full, the lights are bright,
A silence, like the dead of night,
They gauge me with piercing eyes,
A cough here, a sneeze there, the shuffling of a chair,
To look up I do not dare…
I am in a dilemma.
Eyebrows raised, furrowed forehead,
A stillness like the dead,
They size me up with growing disconcert,
A whisper here, a frown there, the pounding of my heart,
A shiver runs through, a drop of sweat trickles too, I must start…
My mouth dry, my palms wet, the continuation of a dilemma.
Stomach churning, ears on fire,
To speak with clarity, I aspire,
They hear me with rapt attention,
A pause here, a nod there, the steady drowning of my fear,
My voice resonating, loud and clear…
Would they mock, would they sneer, still a dilemma!
The end, a deep satisfaction,
Had fought my inner battle, reached my destination,
They watch me with smiling eyes,
A cheer here, a applause there, my pulse restoring,
Fear dispelled, my spirits soaring,
End of the dilemma…
The applause recedes, silence returns,
Tis’ the next speaker’s turn,
They watch him with attentive eyes,
A cough here, a sneeze there, the shuffling of a chair,
To look around, now I dare.
Wondering what was the dilemma?
No opinion too naïve, no stage too small,
No man free of fear, no fear so tall,
An audience just an audience ,
A failure here, a success there, the growing of a confidence,
Speak, Question, tis your right,
Just don’t give up without a fight!


Are you afraid of public speaking or are you a pro? If you are afraid, does the poem bring out all that you feel? Do share your comments on if the poem made you feel better knowing that everybody, even the best speakers do get nervous.

©Smitha Vishwanath 2016

Roads: A Journey With Verses – Vandana Bhasin and Smitha Vishwanath

About Roads

“Roads” is a poetic rendezvous that takes the reader on a panoramic journey, making one pause, ponder and celebrate life.

The book is a light, alluring read that instantly strikes a chord and elevates one’s spirits. A trove of 60 poems, it is quilled with beads of nine virtues: Courage, Wisdom, Serenity, Love, Hope, Strength, Joy, Compassion and Gratitude. The verses encapsulate life’s ebbs and flows while prompting the reader to enjoy its simple pleasures.

“Roads” is a book that you would want to keep on your bedside, for a quiet read before retiring for the night or for the morning wisdom to seize the day. With poems revolving around emotions that each of us experiences, “Roads” very easily develops a personal connect with the reader that is defiantly refreshing.

“Roads” is a journey with verses. Take it on yours.

An early review for the collection

Roads: A Journey With Verses is a beautiful book of mainly freestyle poetry written by Smitha Vishwanath and Vandana Bhasin. I have read and enjoyed a lot of poetry on Smitha’s blog in the past, but this was my first introduction to Vandana’s poetry.

I thought this was a wonderful combination of work by two talented poets and I enjoyed the different styles of writing by the two contributors. Smitha writes delicately beautiful poems in which her messages are subtly shrouded as if within a loving cocoon of words. Vandana’s writing is more strident and forthright, but I enjoyed her style equally and her strong messages for women’s rights moved me greatly.

This book is divided into sections as follows: Courage, Wisdom, Serenity; Love, Strength, Compassion and Joy, Hope, Gratitude. Each section is divided into subsections setting out an arrange of delightful poems in each subcategory. Each subsection is introduced with a short introductory verse which conveys its meaning for the poets and each poem is introduced with a paragraph setting out the the meaning and purpose of the specific poem to the writer. I really enjoyed reading about the inspiration and meaning behind each poem.

Head over and buy the book:

And on Amazon UK:

About Vandana Bhasin

Writer, blogger and an avid reader, I like to quill verses and share my views on life and its varied facets. I believe in creating an identity for self and working towards turning my dreams into reality.

A banker turned writer, I discovered my passion towards writing whilst on the journey to know myself. Writing transformed me in a way that I had never imagined.

My works have been published in more than two dozen anthologies.

Connect to Vandana via her blog: My Feelings My Freedom

Smitha V

About Smitha Vishwanath

A little about me for whoever found their way here deliberately or stumbled upon this page. It wouldn’t be wrong to call me “The Bored Banker”. With 20 years of banking behind me, it’s safe to say that I am good at what I do. The door to banking was open when I finished university and I walked straight through it. Banking chose me and I accepted.

It took me some years, 14 to be precise, to realize that the profession that had consumed a large part of my adult life was simply a job. While I devoted a lot of time and energy to it, there was something missing. That’s when it dawned that banking was just one aspect of my life; it was not “My Life”!

This realization was the beginning of a new journey and this blog, created in 2012, was the product of that journey!

Connect to Smitha


My thanks to Smitha for allowing me to share posts from her archives and I do recommend that you head over to explore for yourselves.. thanks Sally.


34 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Posts from your Archives – #Potluck – #Poetry The Speaker’s Ordeal (2016)…by Smitha Vishwanath

  1. I was so terrified of public speaking when I was in college, I took logic instead. (An odd pairing, the choice of logic or public speaking, but that’s what it was.) The kicker? Every profession job I’ve ever had has involved public speaking.

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  2. Thank you Sally for sharing this post. It brings back a flood of memories for me – of the time I worked (exactly a year ago), of my life in Dubai (again a year ago) and of what led me to writing this poem. I love your choice of posts and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to go through the archived posts and doing this. Its so encouraging and thoughtful.

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