AUTHOR’S CORNER: Guest Author Carol Taylor #Author#Blogger#Essay#Family#Food#Dogs

Patty Fletcher has a great series of interviews on her blog that she shares with her Seeing Eye Dog Campbell.. This week her guests were our own food expert Carol Taylor and her canine sous chef Saangchai, a rescued street dog. Find out more about Carol and what makes her tick and follow her blog for some of the best Thai recipes you can find.. thanks Patty…hugs to you both.

Pattys World

Good morning again campbellsworld visitors.

We open this week’s Author’s Corner with a fabulous guest.

We have here with us, none other than the famous author blogger CarolCooks2. Yes, that’s right. It’s Carol Taylor, live and in person right here in our very own Author’s Corner.

Way back in June, she answered my call to action request for guest authors, and not only did she answer, but she, like Sally Cronin took my questionnaire and wrote an essay for me to share with you.

So, without further delay I give you, Carol.

*&$%^ Hold on! Wait! King Campbell here, please excuse the interruption. My human mother who is very smart, is also very forgetful. She has forgotten to introduce a most important guest who appears here with Human Carol.

So, before we read this awesome essay, please let me introduce Dog Saangchai who is here with his human mother.


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4 thoughts on “AUTHOR’S CORNER: Guest Author Carol Taylor #Author#Blogger#Essay#Family#Food#Dogs

  1. Hello Sally, Carol, and all.
    I’m grateful for the reblog, and would like to take this moment to invite all yawl fine blog readers/writers to pop on over and read.
    When you’re done if you like what you find in campbellsworld and you think you might like to be featured there, get in touch.
    Email me at: and put Guest Author in the subject line send me a note and I’ll send you the questionnaire.
    You can then either answer as a straight interview or write an essay about yourself using the questions as your prompt.
    Happy reading and writing and blessid be.

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