Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up.. Travel Safe, Chicken Kiev, Classic Italian Rock Legends and all that Jazz

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts that you might have missed here on Smorgasbord.

I hope you are all well and thank you for dropping in to see me this week, and as always it is much appreciated. Nothing much to report on a personal level as the week has flown by and the weather has not been very conducive to being out in the garden.

There are however some upcoming events on the blog. Next Sunday 18th August I will be posting about the new Sunday author interview. This time it is specifically for the authors in the Cafe and Bookstore, as my intention over the next few months is to ramp up the book promotions. The Cafe and Bookstore has around 150 authors at any given time whose books are receiving reviews or they have a new release in the last six months.

I would like to give those authors another opportunity for promotion with an interview – answering five questions from a selection of twenty.. and excerpt from the book they wish to promote.  Please drop in next Sunday to find out all the details.

I am also putting together the next Archive post series. This time it will be for authors who have only been blogging in the last 12 months. An opportunity to give new bloggers a boost and to welcome them to our community. It can be tough going those first few months and I would love to share the amazing posts that should have a wider audience.

This week sees the end of the serialisation of Tales from the Irish Garden and I am delighted at the lovely comments it has received. Next week I am starting a new book that has not been shared since 2016. Just an Odd Job Girl.. I know that many of you read the first time around, but I am hoping that new readers of the blog will enjoy.

Time to get on with the posts from the week… and as always my thanks to the contributors who spend time and effort to write such interesting and informative post.

D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies reminds us that preparation is key if you want to have a safe and secure holiday.

If you enjoy chicken to delicious recipes for you.. and for dessert lovers.. apple and mulberry crumble.. Courtesy of Carol Taylor

A wonderfully simple but flavour packed Italian classic from Silvia Todesco.. Summer Fresh Tomoto Fettuccine…


This week author Karen DeMers Dowdall shares her very special gift.. a sixth sense that is highly developed.

Those of us who have books available on Amazon and other online book sites, particularly ebooks are also vulnerable to pirates, and Debby Gies, D.G. Kaye, shares an interesting possible action we are taking to enable this. Felony or Flattery? #Copyright Infringement and Content Scraping by D.G. Kaye

Some rock ‘n’ roll this week to get your feet tapping. Status Quo, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner and Eric Clapton and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

This week in Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 139 being the first challenge of the month, is for the poet to choose their own words. I hope you will enjoy my double etheree…A Dog’s Life.

The last two chapters for Tales from the Irish Garden this weekend… Queen Filigree is delighted to announce the betrothals of both her daughters and accept the gifts that are offered by their future husbands… Plus concerns about her health are getting the court into a bit of a lather.

The final chapter of Tales from the Irish Garden… the court’s first Christmas in their new home and an announcement from Prince Ronan.

Another wonderful tale of dog sitting from Debbie the Doglady.. This week meet a Dalmatian with a wonderful nature.. JJ.

This is the second post from Marsi, who with her husband Robert, embarked on a four month journey west. I will be sharing posts from their trip in addition to other posts in their archives. Due to the number of photographs I suggest that you head over to the blog to view them all.. Olympic National Park

View of Lake Quinault from our campsite, Willa Campground Olympic National Forest

A little retro summer magic from 2016 for L.T. Garvin’s second post.. and a little rock music. Summertime, Gnomes and Rock Music (2016) by L.T. Garvin


This is the second post from the archives of Claire Fullerton, and this week a birthday celebration for renowned author Pat Conroy. An event over several days that clearly was a highlight for Claire. Notes on Pat Conroy’s 70th Birthday Celebration in Beaufort, South Carolina (2015)

Notes on Pat Conroy’s 70th Birthday Celebration in Beaufort, South Carolina

This is the second post from the archives of Smitha Vishwanath who shares poetry, wonderful travel posts and life experiences on her blog. I have selected this poem as it brought back memories of all the times I have stood behind a podium to give a presentation or speech…The Speaker’s Ordeal…by Smitha Vishwanath

This is the second post from author K.D.(Karen DeMers) Dowdall’s archives and she also has some news, with The Captain’s Witch, her latest book being released on September 1st…A short story, that might have its roots in truth… anyone’s worst nightmare when walking in the woods. Fire in the Sky or The Black Bear and Me (2017) by Karen DeMers Dowdall

This is the third post from the wonderfully varied archives of poet and author Ritu Bhathal. Today the joys of being a kindergarten teacher…. things I am sure they don’t share during the career advisory days at secondary school when you are faced with so many options! Kindergarten Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 2015 by Ritu Bhathal


This is the third post from the archives of author Elizabeth Gauffreau who has some wonderful posts, including an interesting look at her genealogy journey, seeking out her family history. This week a post by William Wordsworth, which reminds us of those moments when life or nature takes us by delightful surprise. Poetry – Surprised by Joy”

This is the third post from retired librarian and author Cathy Cade, who has been blogging since early 2018. This week a poem about a much loved old friend. Fred’s Legacy by Cathy Cade.

camper alexandra-nicolae-456070-unsplash

This is the third post for author Chuck Jackson and this week I have selected a post that Chuck wrote about editing software that I am sure you will find helpful if you are looking to buy a package. Do you use Editing Software

This is the third of the posts from the archives of author and poet Joy Lennick, although certainly not the first post that we have enjoyed here on Smorgasbord from this entertaining writer. This week a post from 2017 on the subject of fascinating and mostly long forgotten words… some I must really work into both conversation and story..thanks Joy. The Phrontistery revisited (2017) by Joy Lennick

Linda Bethea is a regular contributor here on Smorgasbord, but this time I get to select the posts from her archives to share with you… I am sure you will enjoy her stories as always. This is the third post and I have selected and it was one that Linda posted about a patient of hers, who inspired her as a nurse. Lessons from MIchael 2014

New on the Shelves

Author Update

The liver is the largest waste organ inside the body (the skin being the largest overall). This week, a look at the role it plays in keeping us healthy and alive.


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