With an eye to the future

If you don’t see Jessica around her post today or for the next few weeks there is a very good reason for it.. but after things have settled down she will be back, eagled eyed and ready to get back down to business.. please head over and send her your positive thoughts… thanks Sally

Words and Fictions

Three weeks after The Magic Carpet was published, the book is doing well and its author is booked for a trabeculectomy operation at London’s Moorfields eye hospital. A “trab”, as we carelessly throw the name about in these parts, involves inserting a small bleb (shunt, drain, thing) under the upper eyelid to relieve pressure of fluid on the eye, which in my case is causing significant sight loss. If successful, they’ll do the other eye in a few months. Just a trab. If you say it really fast you can almost forget it’s happening.

I have been in a right tizz about this for months. I joined an online forum and retreated in terror at the horror stories they told. A calm and gentle person at the International Glaucoma Association pointed out that people for whom things go wrong will always be more likely to post than those for…

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12 thoughts on “With an eye to the future

  1. Heading over to read the rest Sal. Scary stuff as I am on watch for fluid build up too and almost went blind 15 years ago and lucky to have had the pressure (thus far) released by laser surgery where they burned almost invisible pin holes through my irises. Scary and gross. ❤ xx

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