Reading Like a Reader Is More Fun Than Reading Like a Writer

A terrific post from author Audrey Driscoll that I recommend you all read. I was only thinking the other day when reading my latest book off the bestseller list that was much anticipated, how my reading process had changed. As a writer I see issues that I would never have noticed before.. a bit like watching a movie that involves an area in which you have a level of expertise. Audrey lays it out very clearly and I agree with her analysis. She would love your feedback.. Thanks Sally

Audrey Driscoll's Blog

Last week I posted about too many books and too little time. Today’s topic is the reading process itself.

Years ago, when I was young, there were two kinds of reading. The first one was obligatory reading, usually for school, later for college courses. It was done at a table or desk, with notebook and pen nearby. The second was reading for pleasure. Whether I read classics, trashy paperbacks, serious novels, children’s books, or nonfiction, I didn’t need to take notes or write book reports. This kind of reading was an escape from real life.

Now that I’m a writer, reading is complicated. Thanks to all the “how to write right” blog posts I’ve read, my brain is full of rules and admonishments, things writers should do and many they must never do. For example, overuse of dialogue tags other than “said.” I just read a book…

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12 thoughts on “Reading Like a Reader Is More Fun Than Reading Like a Writer

  1. Very true – although I’m still too much of a scanner when out of harness (and sometimes when in it). It doesn’t help that I copy-edit and proofread our writing group’s work for the collection we’ll be publishing again this autumn.
    I’ve noticed I definitely pick up on typos and spellings in indie writing more than I do in my favourite authors. I’ve just started Ian Rankin’s latest and I’m powering through the action looking neither right nor left for grammar or misfits.
    If only I could tell a story like that!

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